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Circuit to process CVs from log->lin->exp?
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Author Circuit to process CVs from log->lin->exp?

I'm wondering if anyone has a circuit design or can explain how to process a CV variably from log to linear to exponential.

I play my modular with an EWI breath controller and sometimes I want a greater dynamic range than what it puts out. In these cases multing the breath CV into both inputs of a VCA expands the range by making the low end
lower. This allows me to better control my pianissimo dynamics without it just cutting in and out as I near the sensitivity threshold.

Other times I would like to compress the breath cv range, so I don't have to blow as hard to reach the top of the curve, such as when playing a bass patch. I haven't figured out a good way to achieve this yet.

I want to build a circuit where with one knob I could have a log response on the left and cross fade to an exponential response on the right, with a linear function presumably in the center.

Can anyone speak on this? Thanks!
Befaco is updating their VCA to do just that. I think they have schematics posted, if you want to just take that portion out and diy it.
did any of these work out for you:

the befaco schematic is an extension of this, with (log+lin) on one side of the mixer and (exp+lin) on the other, so when youre in the middle, you just get linear. although im not certain how some of the circuit works.
latigid on
See also Mutable Veils. I know the response on the L-1 VCA/mixer can be adjusted by choosing a different resistor value, so extend that to a pot and it should be the only difference.
guest wrote:
did any of these work out for you:

Wow. I totally forgot I had asked this question before. Thanks for reminding me, and for your previous answer! I'll study these again.
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