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LZX Cadet Series
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Author LZX Cadet Series

Im trying to get a grasp of all this amazing new Video Synth info I am discovering. I am playing with Lumen and MaxMsp. But I really want to get into, though i don't have the kind of money the LZX Vizionary would require.

Sooo i was looking into the Cadet series, as I am into DIY and would really like to have a small video setup to play around. But I cant find almost any info on these series of modules. Almost none of them have a user manual, and I donĀ“t know how they would compare to the Vizionary series. Is it possible to build a versatile video synth with only the Cadet series? (I also have 12U of audio modules, so I have enough lfos, envelopes, to combine with these)

I am basically trying to see what would be a comparison between the Vizionary and the Cadet. I can tell the Vizionary vco is much more versatile and has many more options, I would assume this would translate to the rest of the modules. But still don't fully understand all the functions and posibilities

You would want to build a cadet sync gen and rgb encoder first. Along with those, I'd say vco(or 3), at least one crossfader, processor, ramps, and keyer, and scaler.

You could build out the sync gen and encoder then breadboard the rest to see what you like.

The cadet circuits are the basics that the more complex modules are based on.

If budget is a concern, consider the brief list above in pcb/panels alone is probably $250-300 usd and several of those modules require $10-12 in LM6172 op amps and LT1251 vca/crossfader ic's plus all the rest of the parts.

Generally it is thought that for the money the visual cortex is a better deal to start and then build your cadet circuits(and combos of them) to compliment the core functions the cortex provides.

I think the 3trinsrgb+1c diy kit is the best deal running for function and price. There is a lzx adapter circuit which turns the 3trins into three video oscillators inside the lzx system(pus more).

I would say the cadet sync gen, rgb encoder, 3trins adapter and 3trins would make an awesome diy kit to build from.
Great, thank you so much for such a detailed answer!

Ive been looking stuff about the 3trinsrgb for the past couple weeks. It looks amazing, and the DIY kit is very nice in the wallet!

I am actually sort of dreaming about building one box with the oscilatascope2, the 3trinsrgb and the mixer. As a one cool video device! Adding some Cadet in the long run. I am mainly interested in having my audio modular speaking to the video equipment
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