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Max/MSP brainstorm
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Author Max/MSP brainstorm
Hi All,

So I am total Vid Synth noob, yet I would love to incorporate an old TV in my live set for a bit more umph! I've been looking into Max/MSP and I guess I just don't understand it. Would it be possible to run an RCA cable out of my PC to the old TV and run the plug in in Ableton to process some of the audio and send it as a video signal to the TV? God I phrased that like an idiot.... :deadbanana:

Thanks again,
hey newo, I did something quite similar to what I think you are describing a few years back - just ran audio out (* 100) from MAX out a dac object and ran rca audio out to rca video in on the TVs. Also had quite a bit of fun sending oscillators out the same way, with interesting results.

heres a video example:
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