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2nd 20U case: gimme yer minds and experience
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Author 2nd 20U case: gimme yer minds and experience
Okay so I've finished up one 20U case so far and was thinking seriously about adding a dotcom sequencer but decided for now to try to stay with the MOTM format. John Rice has been a great help along the way. I decided to go with a set up somewhat like his with ewi cases etc.

Here is what is in the first case:
Superladder VCF

on its way Bridechamber Buchla LPG

So far thoughts about the second case:
(although I just pulled the plug on the Motm 820 Lag and UEG). I did think hard about the modcan delay and some other effects but I have 2 eventides and so that covers me pretty well for now.

Synth Tech
Motm 820 Lag 2U
Motm 730 Pulse divider 2U

discontinuity 2U
Cota filter 2U
Journeyman filter 1U

CV Recorder 2U

STG mankato 2U
STG wavefolder 1U if he'll do a MOTM face and power (I've sent him a PM) otherwise I have 1 U of something else that can go here (a mixer perhaps?)

Rob Hordijk Dual Phaser 2U

Too much of some stuff not enough of other stuff? hmmm.....
looks good! i completely adore my two ewi tourcases. wonderful stuff. my only response:

too many filters. i bet you may end up wanting to modulate them a whole lot more?
oakley triple lag. extremely useful module! maybe replace one of the fiters? after all you can use the lag for a crude filter or awesome simple rise/fall egs...

you also seem a little light on vcas and modulators. modcan 4vca is ace as well as modcan 66b control. biggest bang for buck in those regards. they are top modules in my system. i would happily describe their unending usefulness in pm if you are interested.
i should have added I'm a filter slut...but I'm not attached to the journeyman and Cota as much as the mankato. (sheesh we have 2 ebbe an flut between me and my cousin)

I also have a moog voyager and revolution for some sequencing control cv/midi options. I'll check in later I'm running out the door to the airport...going back to CA for a visit finally and happy to get the he'll outta dodge or Ohio as the case maybe.
I'm glad I could be of help! 8_)

So, did you get the MOTM-820 and UEG or have you decided not too? (pulled the plug or pulled the trigger? Mr. Green )

I think everything you are planning for looks cool but . . . as much as I love filters you seem to be getting a little filter heavy? hmmm.....

Having a mixer would be a good idea, (Synth Tech or Oakley?), unless you want to wait until your 3rd rack and make it MU so you can add the Moon mixer? twisted

A MOTM-700 switcher/router can be surprizingly usefull and can work well with the MOTM-730. Modcan also has a switcher.

You may want to leave some space open for the up-coming Synth Tech Cloud Generator and/or Morphing Terrarium modules.

The Modcan dual frequency shifter is a pretty sexy module too!

Actually, you can save yourself a lot of stress and wasted time by just resigning yourself to obtaining ALL 5U modules that will ever be made! hyper hyper hyper hyper hyper
Bryan B
syzygywell wrote:
i should have added I'm a filter slut...

Awesome, me too!

I am just getting into the MOTM format, so my unbuilt 23 space cabinet isn't even close to full yet (only 8U so far). I would second the Oakley Triple Lag suggestion though. I love mine!
agreed on overfiltration. they are going to want to modulated and mixed. modcan 4vca can easily act as 4channel voltage controlled mixer!
okay so I'll plan on dumping the 2 Oakley filters and that frees up some space. yeah should have said I pulled the plug on my wallet for the 820 and UEG. So some modulation is in order
syzygywell wrote:
okay so I'll plan on dumping the 2 Oakley filters and that frees up some space. yeah should have said I pulled the pklug on my wallet for the 820 and UEG. okay so some modulation is in order

i'll continue on my quest to get everyone to buy a modcan quad lfo 61b then.
a seriously powerful module that plays very well with both the vcdo and cv recorder.

ah sandy there you go again lol.

hes probably right though!

the combo if 61b and 66b would certainly put you in a master control spot. and sandy, no vca encouragement?
yes. i think more vcas would be a good thing.

but i wanted to plug the 61b first! MY ASS IS BLEEDING
I'd like to suggest reconsidering the 820 - I think it's a really under-rated device. Just for the buffered multiple option it gets a lot of use here. It'll do a lot of other stuff also besides the obvious uses.

Yes, enough filters, although you're missing the non-lowpass world entirely - how about a 420? Or my favorite, the 480?

The 730 seems like overkill at this stage of your system's growth. I'd get a 650 first.
so what y'all are really saying when you say more "vca" and "lfo " is more Modcan Cowbell. got it.

sorry everyone to be clear I just bought the 820 lag and UEG
sduck wrote:
The 730 seems like overkill at this stage of your system's growth. I'd get a 650 first.

I'd agree but only depending on a couple things:

syzygywell, how do you plan on controlling your modular? via a keyboard or are you just a knob tweaker? hihi If you are going to want to control your modular from a keyboard, drum machine, sequencer, computer or other MIDI device, you'll want a good MIDI - CV converter and the MOTM-650 is fantastic IMHO. On the other hand, if you are mainly going to be making drones, pads, sound effects and chaos patches etc I'd recommend getting the MOTM-730 pulse Divider over the MOTM-650.
John Nonjohn
You need more VCO's, EG's, and VCA's, and the other three MOTM filters!

If you are contemplating the MOTM 730, don't forget that it will require something like the MOTM 950 power supply, to provide the extra +5V out, to power the module. If you go with the 730 and the 950, you might want to consider the 650, too--MIDI to CV control/polyphony/dual arpeggiators!

A MOTM 320, or two, would be very cool, in your setup! I like using the 320 in chaos patches. The VC waveshape makes a great deal of difference in the feedback patches!

Also, I really dig the Cyndustries sawtooth animator. I don't know if this is being made anymore. In a 1U module, you can get fat VCO sounds along with 6 LFO outs!
Dunno, to me it looks like what you're really short changed on is VCOs, mixers and signal routing (multiples and the like).

Of course some LFOs and filters can be used as VCOs, but to me that's not an ideal solution.

And it really depends on how you intend to use the modular. If it's just going to be a studio system, then I think you have more latitude to indulge your filter sluttiness and make due with fewer VCOs. After all, you do have your Spectralis 2 and other gear for tone production.

Great call on the Hordijk Dual Phaser, though. I really, really, really want a couple of those. Guinness ftw!
I was thinking I was going to use my voyager sometimes...isn't that the line you gave yourself wink. I also have a revolution I can see the 650 has some killer functionality though. okay we are leaving the gate whooohooo! yeah home!
Ultimately, I think the 650 and 730 are both really needed, especially if you're wanting keyboard control along with analog sequencer work. Good pulse dividers are essential for sequencer work, especially if you end up with more than one sequencer or a sequencer like Moon Modular's that can trigger each sequencer row independently.

I think I'll end up being a sequencer slut. I've already got an ARP sequencer and have the PCBs to build 2 M-185 8-step sequencers and 2 8-step Voltage Controlled Pattern Sequencers.
My $.02 worth:

Before anything else I personally would get at least one more VCO, a mixer, a distributor of some sort, two lags (Tellun is nice), a couple more EGs, two or three more VCAs, and an Oakley triple LFO.

Adding those to what you already have seems like it would give you a lot more mileage.
Modcan VCDO thumbs up
Where's your MOTM-480 huh?
haha you guys are worse than going shoe shopping with a bunch of ladies!
thank god there isn't a module store that you're all dragging me to!
Wait till Prada finds out about modular synth fetishism.
syzygywell wrote:
okay so I'll plan on dumping the 2 Oakley filters...


emdot_ambient wrote:
Great call on the Hordijk Dual Phaser, though. I really, really, really want a couple of those. Guinness ftw!

Same here. Just about to order one any day now. Been excited about this one for quite a while now.

@syzygywell Your list looks really good to me. Lots of fun stuff. Has anyone mentioned the Modcan Digital delay yet?

Synthbuilder wrote:
syzygywell wrote:
okay so I'll plan on dumping the 2 Oakley filters...



yes but I'll probably add the triple lag smile

Along with the modcan 60b Quad EG and a few other types of VCO. I definitely want something with Uumph. Maybe a Motm 300? to go with the 2 oakley VCO's that I have.

So how is the MOTM 300 different than the Oakley VCO? Whilst adding the Modcan VCDO into this mix.. enough variety?

So votes for fewer filters.
Add Modcan 60 and 61
Add another lag onto the 820 Oakley triple
Add some VCO & (oakley triple?)VCA

another mutliple and I need a mixer of some sort even though the 440 has some mixing capacity. I haven't been sure what mixer to go with. John suggested the Moon mixer but I'm not into a dotcom case like anticipated so that seems out.

I should add that I do already have the 950 power supply.

Dr vague I've thought a lot about the digital delay.. I want! but I decided to mostly leave effects out just b/c needing more function and having the eventides at this time. A 3rd case down the line could have it. Its on my lust list for sure though along with the MOTM 480.

Again thank you all so much for chiming in. My first case was built a little ahead of schedule so maybe I'll have this second one done by fall or xmas. (although there are some cool things hitting the market that I'm also interested in which may delay this project some.. I'm Jonsing for the new Kurzweil and the Accelerator) and truly I need to get some different speakers.. mine suck by my standards.. I don't think anything sounds really good coming out of them and that really is deflating when listening.
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