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Plus Pedal Sustain Craziness?
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Author Plus Pedal Sustain Craziness?
Has anyone seen this crazy new sustain pedal at Summer NAMM?

It samples chords you play into infinitely-sustaining layers of sound, basically.

I feel like I've been hoping someone would make something like this for a long time. It's sort of what I hoped the Dream Sequence would be. Very excited and wondering if any other wigglers have thoughts?

Seems similar to the UHX Super Ego, although the piano style pedal is a very nice touch
Watched a few of the demos - seems to be a copy of an EHX Superego, though in a different box.
Just posting here to say it's not the same as the Superego, and guitarists and bassists interested in modular should be interested in it. It's a very small delay loop, rather than whatever kind of spectral sampling that the Superego does. It does a much better job of preserving the timbre that goes into it than the Superego (which I own) and the piano-style sustain rather than a click button actually works very well for playing. I am planning experiment running the FX loop through the modular, with the out to an amp. The Superego is still useful for ethereal stuff, but they are different enough to be worthwhile if you're into this sort of thing.

I'll say the name put me off it -- "Gamechanger" is the worst kind of marketing speak -- but I like it enough not to notice....
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