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projector recommendations
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Author projector recommendations
i want to get a projector for my lzx system instead of using my tv, and im looking to spend around 500 bucks--i will be projecting an area the size of maybe 10x10..... any ideas?
I have had nice results with acer p1173

I have three and they have performed very well for a few years now. I would look to get a nos or refurb one for less than $300
I always recommend and buy epson projectors for the simple feature called Direct Off — no need to wait for a cool down and no trashing your lamp if the power cuts off. They have a great range, multiple inputs and lots of price levels. It's a GREAT time to be getting into projectors...
Something like this is good:
PowerLite Home Cinema 640 3LCD Projector — i haven't actually used this model before but they're badged differently in Australia...
It's bright (3200 lumens), and while only 800 x 600 pixels LZX outputs less pixels than this — you get a good image at a low price.
my local Frys has those epson's mentioned by mk for $289

It has +/-30 degrees horizontal keystoning which the acer does not have.

I'm going to pick one up to see how they compare.
This is over your budget, but it looks fantastic, and only needs to be about 3 feet from the wall to throw a huge screen. Maybe you can find one used.
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