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Looking for the old (green) Jameco Valuepro JK-905D knob
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Author Looking for the old (green) Jameco Valuepro JK-905D knob
Somehow, I accidentally knocked a chunk out of a green knob on my S-1000! It's not really noticeable, but I try to keep really good care of my synths and am looking for a replacement.

I wrote Eric at Metasonix and he mentioned that the knobs are Jameco Valuepro JJ-905Ds. They're for sale on Jameco, but when I ordered one, I got this!

As you can probably see right away, it's a different color and shape, even though their website still advertises the old style. I also tried ordering through someone on eBay, but still received the same updated knob.

Anyone happen to have an extra JK-905D in the old style?
Just replace em all to be visually consistent, Eric wont knob shame you.
the original part is a Mouser # that they discontinued. I have not found anyone else selling such a knob, except Jameco. Which yes are slightly different.

If someone knows of a different source I'd like to know it....
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