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Where do I start?
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Author Where do I start?
I'm totally new to video synthesis and to be honest, it's pretty daunting to get started. I've seen a few things that i like but have no idea how the are made and the tools needed to create them.
This clip stood out as I like the more mono vector Rutt-Etra type stuff

From the description given.... "two Video Waveform Generators to create horizontal and vertical control ramps (for X & Y inputs) Video Sync Generator to DC restore external video (for Z input) and provide synchronization signals to the control ramps, and Triple Video Fader & Key Generator to crossfade between control ramps and external video going to X & Y inputs of the oscilloscope. A third oscillator for modulation controls the crossfader as well"...
From what I can tell, these modules are now unavailable.
So my questions are.... What current modules could be used to achieve similar effects? Can something similar be achieved with DIY/Cadet/Software?
And can I put my audio modules to good use too? I have MI Braids, Peaks, Frames, Clouds, Metasonix RK4, MFB SEQ-03, Roland Demora.

Any suggestions for a lower budget/Diy solution would be appreciated as modules like the cortex are not a possibility for me at the moment.

This also stood out as being amazing.

Disregard this post as I've found most of the the info I need.
MUFF WIGGLER Forum Index -> Video Synthesis  
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