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Happy holidays! Please see the year-end funding drive post in the Announcements subforum. Thanks and all my love to you beautiful people.

Ambient modular diary with visuals!
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Author Ambient modular diary with visuals!
p woods
This is an attempt to keep reminding myself to actually finish tunes, and to develop my skills in both ze modular and ze visual world.

I love to create something on the modular, record it and then add to the feeling that the piece invokes by creating some strange audio-reactive visuals and giving it some kind of abstract sense of space.


This one is the result of an experiment with morphagene playing some piano loops in a really fun way.

My rack:

The visuals are created and programmed in after effects, with some source material from Jitter, and are patched in such a way that different parameters respond to different audio spectrums.

p woods
So, this is tonights work, all rendered out for you.

It features three layers of elements in parasites playing some sweet chords, with clouds providing some texture. Sequenced by an SQ-1 and with some ping-pong delay on top of it. Really simple song really.

Visuals are an attempt to get to use blur and fog better to create depth and mysteriousness. Often I get to tired and impatient in the middle of the night to really perfect the visuals which is clear in this one, where in the middle its kind of static or boring. It's the same thing with making a track really.

Does anyone have a tip for escaping the sensation of where you just can't be bothered to keep working on a piece anymore? sad banana
absolutely beautiful ambient music, quite hectic but extremely relaxing at the same time! When you can't be bothered to work on a piece anymore just move on. record what you can, publish and move on, it may give you inspiration another day.
love the visuals what are you using??
p woods
love the visuals what are you using??

Thanks for the love fellow swede! That's a good idea, to come back and be inspired to keep working on a track. Thanks for the insight!

The visuals are primarily made in Adobe After Effects, with Red Giant plugins (Trapcode Soundkeys & Tao). I program bass, middle and treble to different parameters over time and let the visuals evolve much like in the same way you would do with an ambient evolving patch! smile

Also, new video!

p woods
Time for this weeks short sketch:

This is the first in a while where I tried to move away from MI Elements as much as possible and instead focusing almost entirely in perfecting a piano loop on the morphagene.

I ended up adding a subtle drone from elements anyway to fill the lower middle frequencies with some blissfull slow melody. There's also a little sub-bass with wild stereo panning and tremolo under that to shake things up.
Very inspiring. The Morphogene is sounding really cool, kind of an instrument all to itself.
p woods
Been slacking, but here you go smile

Just got myself the SMR so been jamming with that machine. What a beauty!
I guess the internal resonators get tiring after a while, but I still love 'em. I wonder what other things to patch in to it will be.

Also featuring Morphagene at its best. Finally read the manual so now I actually know exactly what it does. These piano notes swaying in the air really does it. I love the thing more every day.
p woods

New video!

Wanted to do something different this time. First half is René just doing a good ole sequence on Elements, second half is SMR droning away with different sequences on each channel together with morphagene, clouds and some distorted element horns.

Video is also a bit different. Tried to animate an eyeball, but got carried away making it real scary and weird instead. For the second half of the song it transforms into some audioreactive stuff. Red is a fun color.
p woods
Another day, another dollar.

Newest addition to my rack is the A-189-1 bit crusher. OMG it's a wild beast! Finally got it kinda under control though and managed to squeeze a bassline from Elements through it. Love the sounds! Can't wait to explore it more.

Other voices are a sustained drone note I sampled from the Nebulae alt firmware "plucked strings" a while ago. Then again we have the Morphagene playing around with a piano recording I made where i just struck one note very very fast.

Really feel like I'm going in the right direction, can't wait to see my modular journey unfold.

p woods

Been slacking because of a long vacation, but now I'm at it again.

This track is way more drone-y than usually SlayerBadger! as it was originally made as a soundtrack for a film.

It's basically just elements through morphagene through clouds on freeze which creates a beautiful drone and sort of a slow melodic drone on top of the other one.
p woods
Keep 'em coming...

Morphagene+elements= Guinness ftw!

p woods
Been busy releasing my first EP, so haven't gone around to making more videos.

But I set up an instagram account where I will post shorter pieces, both modular and visual stuff. Miley Cyrus
p woods wrote:
So, this is tonights work, all rendered out for you.

It features three layers of elements in parasites playing some sweet chords, with clouds providing some texture. Sequenced by an SQ-1 and with some ping-pong delay on top of it. Really simple song really.

Nice work. Both the music and the visuals.

I went through all your vids, awesome job!
SB-SIX wrote:
I went through all your vids, awesome job!

+1 thumbs up
p woods
Did another jam today. Going from ambient based on morphagene to more dub techno thing. Recorded on reel-to-reel which is great fun. Digital tape machine to real tape machine hihi

Voices are Rings, Morphagene and the ER-301 mangling a sample.
Also Novation Peak on bass, and some drums ITB.

Sorry for x-post

p woods
Outstanding jams, dear sir!

Q - dunno if you have any experience with Phonogene, but can Morphagene + A-189-1 get into that that lofi territory?
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