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Troubleshooting Oakley Classic VCA
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Author Troubleshooting Oakley Classic VCA
Greetings People!
I have some troubles with my first DIY build the Classic VCA. I have build it complete, and the soldering looks OK for me. i did some wireing to the Jacks from the SKT. I was thinking i messed up the wireing to the jacks, and connected it wrongly. i already connected it to an empty bus, doesnt get hot or so, but i dont get a sing of live. I tried as in the Manual described to put the testing procedere, but i dont get a signal from the out. Sadly i was just able to get some Stereo Jacks but i can solder them mono i guess? I hope someone can help me out.
Best wishes and thank you in advance
Daniel nanners

Sorry for my super bad English, when something is unclear i can describe it again nooo problemo
Thank you all!
I don't see any obvious mistakes in the component placement. But looking at your soldering, I think that a bad solder joint might be the cause of your problems. The middle one on the GAIN potentiometer for example looks like a "cold joint" to me.

Here's a video on good soldering technique and good solder joints.

After watching the video, revisit some of the uglier solder joints and try to touch them up. I think it will solve your problem.

If you own a multimeter you could look for bad connections first.

Good Luck!!
Thank you Frequenstein for your quick answer!
I will resolder all those "ugly" ones, thank you for the Video and for the tipps will definitly help me! Thank you for that! ill write when iam done if it worked out grin
Can i ask you if you know a guide or something simmilar on "how to use a multimeter on Modules"? I have one Multimeter but iam not quite sure how to search for the bad connections with it, because i dont have a clou what reference voltage could be. And sould i measure with the module plugged in or better with no power on it.

Thank you in advance!!

Daniel thumbs up
By the way. By looking at your pictures I am not 100% sure whether you wired the sockets in a correct way. It's hard to tell from the pictures, but I see you connected 2 wires from the sleeves to the board??
Are you sure you didn't connect the ground connections to the NC on the board? Or did you perhaps leave the Ground of the OUTPUT jack socket unconnected instead of the NC??

As I read it in the manual, the NC terminals of all jack sockets except OUTPUT should be connected together and go to the board (to 5 or 7 ).

All the Ground terminals of all jack sockets should be connected together to ground (to 3 on the board) .

All the Signal terminals of all jack sockets should be connected to their respective connections on the board. So...
LIN CV to 6
EXPO CV to 8

I must say the manual is a bit confusing at first... smile
Thank you for your answer Frequenstein!
Sorry for the late reply had alot family stuff going on :S
Yesterday i resolderd every solder point, as you said and in the video i had couple cold joints but i did with alot patients and every joint is now shiny and properly solderd. Thank you aswell for the explanation of the wireing i did it aswell with patient and double checking aswell. but sadly it dosent work.. and i agian dont know how to progress. i have the feeling i miss something with the wireing, maybe i use the wrong wire itself? If you need another high res picture i will post one later on. I have an multimeter, but iam not verry sure if i can use it with module powerd on or off, and iam not sure if there are some reference voltages i could compare.
Big big thank you in advance
Best wishes

Ps. i switched the stereo jacks with mono jacks
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