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Why Ciat-Lonbarde?
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Author Why Ciat-Lonbarde?

does anyone know where the name of the company came from?
Good question - not to mention a decent paper topic at an electronic music conference "deciphering the lexicon of peter b"

my general 2 cents - peter has his own vocabulary for things outside the normal realms of usual electronica - it all seems kind of jarring at first, but once you spend some time in the ranks of CL, it all kind of begins to make sense.

Ala the CL name itself, I can offer these two facts to help guide and insight:

1.) In the early-early days, like first generation Ambrazier before moving to Baltimore, CL was run off a site called rainbow random - which transitioned to cl when the original fourses and fyrall kits were released.

2.) CL headquarters in Baltimore was around the corner from Lombarde street. Whether that had any input to the name, I'm not so sure, but from a geographic perspective, it is a thing.

Hope this helps and doesn't further confuse.

I think the names of all of his post-rainbow random companies (ciat-lonbarde, shbobo, ifm, etc...) are all "stores" in a "mushroom mall", as he explains in this vid circa 1:40.

So I suspect the name would have come from a mushroom trip, along with the names of all the other companies, and CL was just the 'first' one that manifested.
It could be - I'll ask him for the definitive next time I see him, whenever that'll be. Happy to support the mushroom mall theory in the meantime.
mushroom mall was how I'd always understood it came about
Thanks! I agree that the more time you spend in the parallel universe of Peter B, the more sense it all makes...
yeah it was a store in the mushroom mall..along with shbobo, tranoe, iaskul f mobenthey, bingmill, fyrall and the others. somewhere in the pdf docket on synthmall is a scan of the canonical drawing itself
Welp, I guess that settles it - if Rodrigo and bartlebooth both back it up, then its fact.
Thanks very much for the explanation.
If you type it into google translate, its apparently Basque for "loneliness".
or "lonely evening"...
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