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['ramp] -- synchronize or die: 5U modular sequencing (a bit)
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Author ['ramp] -- synchronize or die: 5U modular sequencing (a bit)
Hi all,

after five years of silence, I am delighted to present ['ramp]'s tenth release to you: synchronize or die. In order to commemorate the 20th anniversary of ramp's first-ever live concert in 1997 and celebrate twenty years of unsolicited noise, the album will be released officially on 29th August 2017.

Those past twenty years were busy not only in terms of musical adventures: artistically and personally, some more or less desired changes took place, and here and there some obstacles and new challenges had to be dealt with – not only on a musical level.

This was the very reason why I decided to pull all plugs after the 2012 concert performance at Bochum Planetarium and the subsequent album release astral disaster: I simply realized I was running out of stamina and steam as the past ten years had taken their toll on me. Rather than carrying on, releasing half-baked albums just for the sake of it, I decided to have a sabbatical for an indefinite period of time, to recover from the strain and to focus on new musical visions.

synchronize or die is the result of this sabbatical. I decided to elaborate on the technique I had discovered for creating complex sequencer tracks and multi-layered rhythmical patterns, without employing computers running audio software: making use of some old-fashioned synchronizers from the 1980s, I recorded multiple layers of sequences onto a digital eight-track recorder, using a clicktrack to tie in additional sequencers while overdubbing or mixing down to stereo. This is the reason why the trusty old Friendchip SRC units adorn the album sleeve.

Most of the tracks were created on my own in the seclusion of my Dachgeschoss recording space, with one notable exception: torque was created in collaboration with fellow synthesiser enthusiast Axel Jungkunst who helped me out with his massive modular synthesiser rig and additional sequencer backings which resulted in one of ['ramp]'s most accessible titles of all time – whatever that means. Have a listen here:

If a FLAC download is no necessity for you, I am taking orders now through stephen at parsick dot com (and through bandcamp from 29th August onwards -- this way, you can also obtain a FLAC download if you feel so inclined). The albums ordered after 20th August will start shipping after 11th September 2017 so please bear this in mind when ordering.

Direct orders through me will include a free download code for one exclusive track.

Thanks for your attention,

Wow! I just heard a track from this album on the radio and it is fantastic stuff. I don't know that I've heard any of your music before, but I'm definitely going to check out your offerings on Bandcamp.
tonymasiello wrote:
Wow! I just heard a track from this album on the radio and it is fantastic stuff. I don't know that I've heard any of your music before, but I'm definitely going to check out your offerings on Bandcamp.

Thank you for your kind words smile.

BTW, Chuck van Zyl conducted an interview with me last month, you can find it here:

Thanks for reading.

German radio DJ Ecki Stieg of the famous Grenzwellen programme will be featuring my work in his next show on 25th October between 9pm and midnight (EST):

Of course, the interview will be held in German (which might sound a little funny in places).

Thanks for tuning in. Enjoy!


PS: There is also a fundraiser going to help Grenzwellen to remain an independent source of information. You can donate here, if you wish:

Thank you for your support.
In case you missed the broadcast, you can download it here (for free):


On 12th December, synchronize or die will be featured on Progscape Radio:

Tune in, turn on, drop out (or something...).

Good news for all afficionados of out-dated and clumsy media (like myself, for instance):

synchronize or die will be released on double-12" vinyl in a lovely gatefold sleeve on 19th February 2018. Presales have opened, you can order your copy directly from

Please bear in mind that the two different pressing will be limited editions of 100 copies and 250 copies respectively (particularly the 100 copies of the orange splatter version with additional gimmick will be gone quickly, I suppose), so please make sure you order your copy in time.

I will also have a limited number of albums in stock which I will make available through my Bandcamp slot as soon as I have packing materials etc. to ship vinyl around the world (which is completely new to me). You might as well want to get in touch with me directly but please wait until I have the vinyl in stock myself -- I cannot reserve anything for anybody without knowing anything about quantities.

The album originally was to be mastered by Eroc but Andreas Bäcker, owner of Adansonia, was so pleased with my own mastering that he took this as the basis for the lacquer cut. The bit of vinyl mastering that was required (adjusting bass levels and some stereo stuff) was done by Dirk Jan Müller of Cosmic Ground fame.

Thanks for reading and spreading the happy news,

I now have some copies in my ['ramp] and webstores over at Bandcamp for your consideration:

Order now while supplies last.

Thank you for your support,

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