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MuLab 7
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Author MuLab 7
Dont know what here happend.... hmmm.....
Anyone here uses Mulab?
I just found this. Its quite an amazing DAW/VST and one of the lesser known DAW's overhauled by bigger companies like Logic , Ableton. As far as I know it's run by 1 guy and he is constantly updating it.

Basically they call each lane a MUX. A MUX is where you're audio stream will go to(VST, Samples, Any effect) As descibed in the URL, the MUX'es can be heavily modulated.

Basically MUX is integrated within MuLab, which is a DAW itself.
You can buy MUX separately as VST version though.

I think it's a rather cool concept, and the price is cheap compared to what it does. It's not well known, so I thought I bring up a discussion here. (I'm not affiliated with this company, just want to put this DAW/VST more in the spotlight, cause it deserves just that.)

You can build your own instruments, like reaktor/MAX (there is a whole library of them, check out the forum on KVR audio. But I haven't scratched its surface yet.

Its quite deep and very fun to play around with.
Im actually thinking to use it as my main DAW, thats how good i find it.
I highly recommend you try out the demo. Its starts a white noise for a few seconds after you use more then 5/6 instruments. Decide for yourself, and let me know what you think.
Scot Solida
Yeah, MUX/MuSynth is really cool and itself worth the price of admission. It's changed a lot since the last version I have (5.5). As a DAW, MuLab is quite good, if a bit quirky. There was a free Computer Music-badged light edition on the CM discs for a long time. If I recall correctly, MuLab is the descendant of a pattern-oriented Windows program called Muzys that was around for quite a while (there was also a free Computer Music version of that one, too, called Computer Muzys). A sleeper that's well worth a look.
I have Mux and have messed around with building some synths with it.

The last time I looked at it the developer had not incorporated feedback so doing FM was not possible, but I think it is otherwise impressive for the price and the fact it was developed and is maintained by just one guy. There is a forum at KVR.

One cool thing about Mux is that it hosts VST plugins so you can incorporate any other stuff you license into a patch.
I use it as my only DAW.

And I'm very much into the modular aspect as well.
I did start with Reaktor but it's too detailed/complicated.
Mulab (the DAW) and MUX (the VST and part of Mulab) are a lot easier and very effective to build synths and effects.
Tons of different oscillators, filters, distortion, modulation sources, etc. Additive, subtractive, wavefolding, AM, FM, grains, samples, ... basically everything you need to build anything you want.
Over the years I built a hundreds of instruments/effects.

For me it's fast, stable and reliable. Constant updates and great support.
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