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My first 5U patch - Super Nasty Bass
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Author My first 5U patch - Super Nasty Bass
So when you control this:

With this:

It sounds like this.


The skinny: Modcan VCDO has its FM index sweeped by the Voyager's mod wheel, and this sound is mixed together with a square wave from the Modcan VCO using the mixer on the Oakley Diode Superladder. The filter envelopes on the Voyager modify the Oakley filter (as well as the Moog's own, which is being FM'd by the Mini's OSC 3... but there are no Moog oscillators mixed into this sound). The 1-pole output from the Oakley is fed into the Moog, where it's overdriven and then run through its filters and output VCA. This sound is then stacked with a simple two osc bass sound from the Futureretro XS.


[On a related note, anyone know how to embed the Soundcloud player into the message editor?]
Fucking nice!

thumbs up nanners thumbs up nanners thumbs up nanners thumbs up nanners
Dead Banana thumbs up
Wonderful sounds!

Excellent Soundcloud presentation. This was great, because you enabled us to follow what you had done to produce the wonderful end result. And I thought the sounds were already near the beginning. smile

I wish more of us made learning experiences like this one.

Thank you!

applause thumbs up
Just me
From around 3:00 my cat went nuts and was looking all around the speaker and trying to dig under to see what was making that sound!
woah Sounds awesome and very nicely done explanation and presentation! applause
really cool. that mankato looks a little lonely up there by itself though
Just me:
Sometimes the modular madness freaks out our chinchillas. Glad to know it works on cats too! Seems like maybe it works on humans, no?

Thanks for the kind words! There are already a fair number of people (like JLR or Big City Music for example) who regularly upload videos with great instructional/educational content. To take just one example you might not be familiar with, check out this demo of the Oakley Diode Superladder from djthomaswhite on Youtube. On an autobiographical note, the filter featured in this instructional video is the EXACT same (numerically identical) filter I currently own (and he built).

Pretty cool, right? I also found out about those colorful patch cables from djthomaswhite:

Anyway, there are a lot of nice people out there with modulars and spare time (or something to sell us, hehe) who are putting stuff up on the internet. But you're right, I wish there were more!

I remember you answering a few of my questions back when I first decided to go modular. I've really enjoyed watching your videos and talking with you on the forum. thumbs up

Your Mankato looks lonely, but that's just because his crew hasn't showed up yet. I've got a MOTM 440 and 480 filter on the way... planning on doing a stereo voice split between the 440 and the Mank for some fatness. Also looking forward to exploring the quadrature outputs in LFO mode with the Modcan Dual Frequency Shifter that's on the way. The same goes for the VCDO as well, now that I think about it. I bet with the stereo output of the VCDO and the quad sines I could get from the Mankato, some WEIRD things could be done.
excellent patch, and great presentation.
rezzn8r wrote:
excellent patch, and great presentation.

Thanks rezzn8r; I've quite enjoyed your demos up on YouTube as well! You've got me lusting for a VDO... I don't know why, but I can't get enough digital oscillators!
Nice combination of modular with your other gear! thumbs up Enjoyed it a lot.

Good choice of modules, and 'grats on scoring the rare Oakley filter. Be sure to check out the noise wave bank (15) on the VCDO. I took too long to get around to that part, because of my fascination with the rest of it!
You started off saying "hey kids", I was thinking 'I don't like this guy already'. (I'm not sure why that gets on my nerves, lol)
But then your sounds made me like you again. Great job man! thumbs up
pugix wrote:
... and 'grats on scoring the rare Oakley filter.

Actually, it's probably not that rare. When I was selling PCBs, the old Superladder was the third most popular module I had. The ADSR and VCOs being the most popular. However, I have no idea how many were actually built in the diode version out of the multiples of hundreds of PCBs sold. I think the number I actually built for customers was no more than ten.

That version is long gone now though - with only the transistor ladder left. There's nothing like making a module obsolete to increase the interest in it. hihi

I do have a new all discrete version of the 5U diode ladder on the CAD system, so that should be out at some point. But we didn't get a huge amount of interest in it when someone asked about it for the 5U format. Euro is a different story.

i don't know which version of the diode super ladder i have but i love love love it!
I still have a few of the Iss 4 diode ladders to build when I get the time

maybe in a week or 6 Mr. Green

sure is a sweet filter
Someone sent me a PM asking how exactly I was interfacing the Moog with the modular stuff. Here was my somewhat verbose reply:

I've got the Voyager connected to the VX-351 Voltage Expander Module, which is (in my opinion) a "must have" option for pretty much anyone who owns a Voyager. It's even more necessary if you've got a modular too!

The Voyager is probably the world's best modular controller. You get access to all of the important control voltages from the Moog (pitch CV, lfos, envelopes, wheels, aftertouch, x y and z pad control voltages, noise) plus a couple mults and attenuators. And then you can scroll through wavetables with your fingertip on the XY pad. nanners

Itt will convert most of these things from MIDI to CV data, which means you don't need a dedicated MIDI/CV interface (if you don't want one).

This means that if you've got a Voyager and are thinking of getting into modulars, you're in luck because you've already got the functionality of a whole range of modules already with the Voyager. One semi-important feature the Voyager + VX combo lacks is that you don't get independent outputs for each oscillator. Which kinda sucks, but it's easily overlookable if you have, say, an AFG and an 01B laying around.

Another caveat about the combo, but it's no biggie - just something to be aware of. The Voyager typically operates with a lower CV voltage level (I think it's +/-2.5V) than modular stuff (which can be +/-10V) so you should attenuate any control voltage going INTO the Voyager just to be safe. (Check the manual for details on voltage compatibility).

The CVs coming OUT of the Voyager will play nicely with pretty much any Euro or MOTM format module I'm aware of. I've never found the need to amplify anything to compensate for the lower voltage.

So what was the patch? Here's the details:

VX pitch CV ----> VX Mult 1 (So I can send it to two oscillators)
VX Mult 1 ---> 1v/Oct on 01B and VCDO.

VX Mod wheel ---> VX Attenuator 1 (So I can control Mod wheel Depth)
VX-Attenuator 1 ---> VX Mult 2 (So I can send it to two destinations)
VX Mult 2 ---> "FM Index" on VCDO and "Expo CV In" on the Oakley filter.

VX Filter Env. ---> Oakley "Filter Env In" (Because every filter needs an envelope)

VX Afterpressure ---> Voyager Filter CV input.

VCDO & 01B ---> Oakley inputs 1 and 2

Oakley Superladder 1 Pole output ---> Mixer "in" on Voyager.

So the VX-351 is very much at the center of this patch. It (and the Voyager) are the patch's main "hub." Check it:

In short, get a VX-351 and find new levels of expression. For around $200 used, you gain access to so many CVs, it's like getting 10 modules! And while you're at it, you might as well throw on the CP-351 to hang out with the VX in your rack. It's a good buy for the money, and very useful if you're making bigger patches.
Thanks so much for the description BT. I haven't gotten my Voyager to talk to my modular yet. I even have the VX laying around wondering "now what can I do with this and how can I use it with my modular?" I had no idea that they could be patch buddies on this level.

Thanks for the eye opening patch, great sounding too.
aren't the voyager voltage ranges a bit limited in regards to modular for lfos and egs? i had a cp251 for a while as well as bunch of moogerfoogers and they definitely had limited range in relation to dealing with modular signals. not to say that they aren't as valuable as you state! whatever works and pleases is of course whatever works and pleases.
Isn't there a module that can step up voltages? I this something the Q125 Signal Processor might do? huh?
dude wrote:
aren't the voyager voltage ranges a bit limited in regards to modular for lfos and egs? whatever works and pleases is of course whatever works and pleases.

They've worked fine for me so far! I can imagine some applications where it might be a problem... which leads to Ron's question:

sunsinger wrote:
Isn't there a module that can step up voltages? I this something the Q125 Signal Processor might do? huh?

Can't you do that with any DC-Coupled VCA? I think so, but I'm not 100%.
Sounds great! I downloaded the file, thinking it would sound clearer. It did, but I'm still hearing a good amount of distortion (not necessarily a bad thing!).

Was this intended? If so, where in the patch is it being generated?

Anyway, thanks for sharing!
The distortion is from overdriving the output of the Oakley filter (which mixes together the 01B square and the VCDO signal) in the Moog's mixer section (using the "mixer in" input). The overdriven signal then goes through the Moog filter and amplifier, then from the main outputs into my mixer where it meets up with the (clean, undistorted) signal from the XS.

Distortion was very much intended!
That reminds me of one time after coming home from a concert, I patched up a great sound on my modular and then recorded it. After listening to it later, I found that it was distorted as heck. I didn't even notice it when I recorded it. Ha!
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