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Convert Frac to Euro?
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Author Convert Frac to Euro?
I have bunch of Frac modules. I'd like to get into Euro stuff and build a new system. Seems like it might not be worth the effort or be possible to convert these.
It's not necessarily one or the other, you can of course have both formats in your setup. Many Frac users also have some Euro modules. So if Frac works for your needs, keep it and use it with Euro. If you want to have Euro only, selling your Frac will be easier than converting the panels.

Sometimes it may seem lonely to sit at the Frac lunch table. But all those Euro kids and their "Maths" lunchboxes and stickers over everthing don't mean they're better, just different.
I have TimeMachine in my eurorack, besides being way too deep and different mounting holes it works with well with eurorack powersupply. From the reading, some modules do, some donĀ“t. If I would have at least one row of frac modules, I would put them in the same 19" rack with my eurorack and use separate 15V powersupply. I think it is worth converting if it would be like one...two modules...
You're probably right it's not worth the effort to covert and instead combine the two.

Which probings up the power supply questions. most of the frac stuff is +-15V while the Euro stuff is +-12V are there any worries about patching the two together?
As far as I know they are compatible, the control voltages are about the same ranges up to 10v, so no danger of damaging anything, unless there is some frac module that outputs 15v as cv?....
There shouldn't be any problems patching them together. There may be some level mismatches (like VCAs requiring a different level to fully open), but that can be an issue in Euro itself. As long as you have some attenuators, and perhaps some CV processors (providing offset/gain) you should be fine. Shouldn't cause any problems.
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