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A framegrabber that is eurorack
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Author A framegrabber that is eurorack
I am pretty new here and I know that there are experts in these woods...

I have been doing experiments with video in software and I would really like to move to hardware if there are enough options to justify cost.

I have been all looking on youtube and at the LZX site but the one thing that I have not seen is a frame grabber. Something that works like a sampler that I can use as a source on the rack with lzx generators. Is there a module like that?
Lzx is working on a frame buffer... It's not released yet (or with release dates) but should be ready soon maybe by the end of 2017.

I recommend you to follow lzx Facebook page for updates.

The korg a entrancer I have, has limited sampling capabilities but may be worth looking at it.
Sounds great, I can wait a bit. I have been moving around other gear and staying content with lumen and signal culture.

Somehow I want to just get everything to analog.
I expect to begin buying hardware next month so timing will be fine.
thanks for the reply I was beginning to think no one cared.
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