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Line6 Helix experiences?
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Author Line6 Helix experiences?
Anyone use a Helix (Im particularly interested in the LT, but Helix in general would be good info too)?

Im fairly content using a Zoom G5 & Revalver for recording so I was just considering a H9 Max as being the last jigsaw piece and spotted some reviews of the Helix LT for around the same price.

The advantages would be using it for recording seems very flexible, using it live (and having my mate bass player going thru the Helix with his own settings), having patches for each tune, and carrying some frfr monitors instead of heavy amps (back is getting bad).

Live is backing drums/spot fx - playing guitar & bass over it.

Im NOT a hi-gain player mostly clean or 'just' breaking up bluesy at most.
Have a Flextone III XL, Variax 700 so Im good with the Line6 sound (well its the lack of hum and buzz that does it for me!).

Any users? Good? Bad? Just get the H9 (which of course can be used with synths too).

I had a Helix for a while. Quite good for what it is... I ended up selling it and getting the Kemper which sounds better though.
Guinness ftw!
Hey! Thanks for the reply Shaw!

I kinda put this on the back burner. I got a THR10c and Im adoring the stereo sound for bedroom practice. Im also thinking if a gig comes up just get a frfr pa set-up and use the THR as a front end for guitar.

(tell me you dont like the Kemper - its a lust-worthy item for sure!)

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I'm thinking about snagging the Helix for studio use... I figured it would give me just what I want without having to use VSTs on my sound if I record its output directly through rather clear pre-amps.
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Would love to hear your thoughts if you do pick one up!
mckenic wrote:
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Would love to hear your thoughts if you do pick one up!

I actually decided to go with Line 6 Helix Native plugin as I save up for the Kemper.
I had a Kemper, and sold it. It's a very very nice unit, but for studio use, I have real amps and mics, or will record via the Scuffham S-Gear plugin, keep the dry signal and reamp later if necessary.

I had taken the Kemper out live, but now that I'm planning to also bring along a Euro case, a 3U Kemper rack (and large footpedal) is a pretty cumbersome addition. I've recently bought an HX Stomp, and am trying out whether I can use it by itself for guitar live (+ modular), or in conjunction with a nice overdrive pedal or two, and/or with my Atomic Ampli-Firebox. The amp sims I'm interested in on the the HX Stomp have nice touch sensitivity, but I can't escape the feeling that they're a little bit "fizzy". I may just need to mess with the EQ or cab sims.
I had a Helix LT for a few months, I couldn't make it work for me.

Sounded good clean, fine with a lot of gain, but in between there was a weird overtone to it, like a distortion sitting on top of the signal. Helix forum people called it "squirrels," no amount of playing with the hi-cut and different IRs cured it.
Still haven't purchased Helix Native... On sale for $280 for just a few more days. I like the demo and presets but I don't think two more days will allow me to adequately demo creating my own patches due to current time restrictions...

lucyfur wrote:
Helix forum people called it "squirrels," no amount of playing with the hi-cut and different IRs cured it.

Squirrels! A more interesting word than "fizzy", but good to know I'm not alone in my assessment.

For me, the Helix is part of a search to find something compact and "good enough" for combining a guitar and modular live. I wouldn't choose to record with the Helix, or any modeller. I still haven't decided whether I'll use the Helix for the FX only, or also with its amp sims.
Axe FX has their FM3 coming out soon, somewhere between the Helix Stomp and LT in size. I'm waiting on them to hit the market to see how reviews are.
I have an HX Stomp on the way. Mainly looking for a nice headphone practice solution that can add a bit of FX. I will run some FX in front and one or two in the loop. Depending on how the toe dipping goes here, I may be into getting something bigger down the line.
So, initial impressions after a few days are really positive. I play bass and the amps/cabs sound really good. There are a lot of ways to sculpt the sound further too. The fx are great, way better sound quality and tweak-ability then prior Line6 units. I am considering selling standalone Strymon pedals...
I have a Helix and love it. I use it with my Variax, conventional guitars and my synths. My main set-up has it processing the Variax and synth channels simultaneously.
As a long time tube amp user and someone who never got onwith the past Line 6 products, I took a shot and picked up Helix Native. I really enjoy it find myself plugging my amp in in the studio. Thinking of picking up a hardware version for playing out now.
I am returning my HX Stomp....

Because it is too awesome and now I am waiting on a Helix to arrive on Thursday!

I am excited to have more WYSIWYG in regards to having more switches. I am looking forward to more processing power so each pickup from my Alembic Series 1 will have it’s own signal processing with parallel possibilities on each signal path, etc.

I am thinking for the Series 1, the setup will look something like:
Bass pickup >Future Impact>Helix
Treble pickup>Source Audio C4>Helix

In the 4 send/returns of the Helix:
Stereo Eventide H9 Max
Mono Moog MF-101
Mono Fuzz

I think this will be a silly powerful and flexible set-up. The H9 gives me major fire power to fulfill desires that are outside the Helix’s wheelhouse or things that would take too much DSP.
Haha, I bought an HX-Stomp awhile back and it's great.

With an H9 in FX loop, not much one can't achieve, but it's no slouch on its own despite the 6 block limit.

I had a pod hd500 that didn't stay past the GC return period a few years back, so I was wary of the Helix tech, but it really does sound great.

I have fantasized about one of the larger models ( personally I'd go for the full on Helix over the LT), but since I already have a healthy collection of pedals the Stomp has been sufficient.

Combined with a Morningstar MC6 takes it next level for such a small footprint.
Anyone have an opinion between the rack and the floor Helix?

I'm considering this an all-in-one to size down the stuff- but I don't know if I have the desk space versus using the floor.

Plus, the floor has the expression pedal as well...

But it seems like the trend is that guys get the floor unit, and then end up going for the rack. I'd like to skip a step...
I went with the floor because:
1. It just made sense for my home space.
2. I wanted the expression pedal and it is easier to grab the floor for a jam than dealing with a rack and controller.
3. Using the send/return on the back is a little easier for my setup when being done from the floor

I am super happy with the unit.
Is the HX Effects worthy? I'm going from zero effects (well except those in Boss Katana). I just want lots of WYSIWYG mentioned with quality and all I'm likely to need in one box. Is it likely to be intuitive foran effects newb? I really hate doing it in software. cheers
A real eye opener is the fact that I see on the various e-commerce sites, that the Helix rack is rarely/ never for sale used.
I've seen lots of LTs, though.

And from all the videos I've watched, most guys love them, then move up from the floor to the rack.

I do like the fact that it fits in a rack, and the cabling will be cleaner in the studio for sure. I've seen them sitting on desks, or on a stand, but the cabling gets gross real quick.

But if I ever choose to go gigging with the rack, I will have to pick up the floor controller, but it doesn't have the wah...

These are some hard choices...
Well, got the Helix Floor because the price was more than right.

And since I've used it for a bit now, I really am impressed at how easy it is to use, even without the editor. And the sounds- wow. They are quite good, and the amps aren't too bad- after a while, all distorted amps feel the same.

Pretty flexible, too- I was originally planning on using the AUX in for synths, and OK with the fact that it was mono. But it turns out the 4 RETURNS can be used to route any signal into the Helix. Amazing!

Haven't hooked it up to the PC as a recording interface, but I'm getting there.
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