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Component Library Management and Ordering
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Author Component Library Management and Ordering
*This post mostly pertains to US and Mouser.

Is there an easier way to do this? It requires is so much effort to merge several different DIY BOMs, cross check with the stock in your personal library, avoid non-stocked items, locate equivalent components and order everything online trying to get a reasonable part count price break.

I've been trying to use Excel and Mouser but it's still a serious pain in the ass.

Is there a more clever way to set up the spread sheet? More effective techniques? Is there other software I should look at?
Here is what I do. It won't be the best method for everyone but it works for me.
In the closet of my studio/workshop is a bookshelf.
On the bookshelf are brown boxes - generally re-used from prior orders. The boxes each contain a project and are labeled with that project.
In each box is a printed BOM, which I print out when I order PCBs and Panels.
I have a bag of bags that I save from orders. And I'll go to my parts library, and separate out the parts I need and mark them on the BOM to the left.
For the parts I don't have, I mark those in a different way. Now I know what I need to order and what I don't. Once I order, I mark the BOM with the source for each part, a "t" for Tayda, an "m" for mouser, etc...

I'll make a note, either via a spreadsheet if I'm ordering for a LOT of projects or just a post it if it is one or two.
Seconding Abelovesfun on this.

I already have two gigantic bags filled with separated bags which contain all the parts for the upcoming pair of Deckard's Dream synths I plan to build. Everything else related to the project occupies one bin, to be sorted into the two large bags later.

It actually helped me to have multiple copies of the BOM nearby the bags and nearby the box to make sure I knew precisely what was where and what correlates.

Basically, paper and pencil, man. I don't want to have to move to a computer or laptop to log what's been moved around or changed.
It depends on the volumes of parts. Is this a commercial endeavor or personal? If it's for personal use the excel is the easiest. The only thing I keep in stock are passives and general purpose ICs. Everything else is ordered according to what's called for in a BOM. Like Abelovesfun I keep each project in flat boxes with the edges labeled unless it's for massive project that require bigger boxes separated by gallon sized bags. I make notes when I'm low on things and it's tacked onto my next order. I place orders every other week so it's not that big of a deal. If this is a commercial thing, then there's ERP software that can handle it but we're talking sometimes $100k for some pieces of software. There's also some online resources and companies that will handle resource planning like
I couldn't get bompiler to work very well. I have ring binders with plastic sleeves that I put the Mouser bags in al la muRata MLCC Design Kits.

I'm trying this:

The collapsed rows each have an un-formatted BOM I'm interested in. Each BOM item will be correlated to the appropriate master stock item on the left (BOM item row to stock row, vertically spaced) There is a macro on the far left (buttons at top) that will add or subtract from the stock qty en masse. The order amount is adjusted as necessary and the mouser value along with the order Amt is exported to Mouser to make bulk orders.

I'm trying. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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