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Whats the best ES option for expanding, and more in/out
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Author Whats the best ES option for expanding, and more in/out

Have a babyface rme + es3+es6.

I hate the struggle of getting it to work, but that is primarily due to totalmix being a pain in the ass.

The only reason i have the babyface is because i love RME's low latency and sound "feel".

However, i am thinking about selling it, and getting something else, that will simply give me equal sound, low latency, and more in and outputs for expert sleepers.

What is THE best solution for this, if i can go out and buy anything for a new expert sleepers setup?
Actually i don't have any idea regarding the same. Hope someone else would answer this one. hihi
if its more expert sleeper outs you want and not audio rate outs then the ES5/esx 8cv/esx8gt expanders will do the job with your existing set up
Something with dual ADAT outputs would be a good choice, so you can go for 2x ES-3. I believe RME and MOTU make such things, amongst others.

I am very new to the ,modular world. I would like to use my UAD´s Apollo optical in with the ES-8. what would the routing be in order to get 8 channels from the ES-8 to the UAD?

Also, what would be the maximum expansion for the ES-8?

Best regards
You would probably be better off looking at the ES-3/ES-6/ES-7.
But the thing with the ES8 is that I actually want to use the 8 outputs, but would like to have 8 inputs
Do you need the USB functionality of the ES-8?
I do! because my apollo twin duo doesn't have adat output, so I would be using the usb as an output from computer to Modular, but would like to be able to have 8 channels back to the computer. (initially, then I would like to also expand the outputs to 16)
If you're using the ES-8 over USB there's no need for the ADAT connection to the Apollo, unless you want to use it to share clock.

In this case you can expand the ES-8 up to its maximum 12 input channels with the ES-6 & ES-7.
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