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Help identifying Battery Cell please?
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Author Help identifying Battery Cell please?
Technically not music DIY (although I will use the camera to do music vids!) but I need to replace this battery cell from a 1080p DashCam Dad got for his birthday.

Wont hold a charge (charge over USB for HOURS and 15 seconds after booting it shuts down 'Battery Empty'). I also noticed most ebay lithium ion cells seem to have a circuit board at the top of the battery pack - this doesn't its just two wires soldered to solder blobs.

It charges over USB so I'd imagine 3.3v?
Any hints please folks?

Thank you!

Annie Socoria
That's a Lithium Polymer (LiPo) cell. Nominally 3.7v. If there's nothing written on the cell the exact capacity will be difficult to determine but the physical size should give you a rough idea. Not generally available in stores where batteries are sold (at least where I live) as they are not intended to be user replaceable. You may have luck somewhere that deals with radio controlled aircraft/hobby/robotics etc. If it's not some obscure no-name camera you can try searching online to see if anyone else with the same model has found a source of replacement. If you must buy online try to purchase from a vendor that offers some kind of guarantee or warranty as it's practically the wild-west out there when it comes to lithium cells and quality.

The circuit boards are there for safety & charge control. Hopefully there's something further down the line in the camera for protection. A cell of that size is relatively low capacity and should not pose much of a fire risk if damaged. Handle them with care and avoid shorting the leads or puncturing the soft case nonetheless.
A single Li-Po cell indeed.

Take care about:

Charge till 4,2V maximum @ maximum 2C (2 times capacity current).
Overcharging = fire hazard.

Correct charging = first current limit phase @ 2C then Voltage limit charge @ 4,2V until current drops to 0,2C.

A specialized li-po charger is recommended!

Due to fire hazard I Always charge mine in a sturdy metal box outside the house. I am into Radio Controlled Sports and have seen a lot of flamed allready from these cells.

If you drain the cell under 3 volts you will damage it

If you drain it under 2,8 volt you might as well throw the cell away. ( if your device drains it completely over time)
If you penetrate the naked cell as shown can act as a fire bomb.
Thank you both so much, I sincerely appreciate your commenting and helping out! I know very little about newer battery cell tech apart from Ive learned if one drops below a certain charge it renders the cell useless. I have about 15 dead AA cells as I forgot to use them and keep them topped up - doh! I suspect thats what happened here. Dad got this as a present last month and I imagine it had been sitting on a shelf for a LONG time before I opened it.

Shame really as it SEEMED to have a nice clear 720p picture (there is a screen at the back and I got a few seconds of view) - although it claims to be HD 1080p. Im hoping I can get a small Li-Po and solder it in. Just tested and the unit actually runs of usb power without the battery so I can at least appropriate it for some close-ups and modular vids if worst comes to the worst.

It looks FAR more fancy than it is so Im not surprised someone was suckered into getting it as a gift. One would think it had auto zoom/focus but alas its a plastic shell as you can see below. I also took a pic of the wires before de-soldering the cell (always do) - there are some components around the area so one would hope there is some protection there.

I think for a few quid I'll try order a micro Li-Po cell online from somewhere that has a return or no DOA policy and try get it up and running for its intended purpose. Failing that I can certainly use it in gear vids!

Forgot to mention there was a blue circle under the sticky pad but soon as I removed the pad the ink smudged.

Thank you both again very, very much! I know its not music related technically but all this gets pumped into long term memory so I really do appreciate it!

Annie Socoria
I'm no expert in dashcams, but from what I've recently read the batteries in most units are designed to be a short term backup when the cameras are not powered by the car (to save footage in the event of a collision & power loss or to take a few still images or operate motion sensor functions etc.)

Judging by the size of that battery, 15 seconds of run time may be short, but I wouldn't expect a new, fully functional battery to power the camera for an extended period. Frankly, I wouldn't expect any battery you could fit in that case to work for long. If you want to use the camera for it's intended purpose it should be connected to the vehicle's power (cigarette adapter or hardwired). If you want to use it externally for gear vids or other experiments, a portable USB power bank (which is basically a bigger battery in a case) would probably be the best solution.

As for your 15 AA cells, they're likely Nickel-Metal Hydride (NiMh) which are less fussy than lithium when it comes to charging & discharging. If they haven't been severely abused or reached the end of their cycle life (200-1000 cycles depending on use) and assuming they are of reasonable quality, they may come back after a few full charge/discharge cycles.

Thank you Annie! Seriously, thanks! That makes loads of sense and a cigarette adapter is included in the box. The unit has a crappy colour screen and speaker and I must admit I was perplexed how such a small cell would run this for the duration of a trip. Makes perfect sense.

And - Im going to go thru a few cycles with the AAs because again that makes perfect sense. They were used for a wireless Apple mouse and KB and the combination eats through the batteries. Either on its own lasts over a week of heavy use and I believe Apple know of the situation. But however I dont think the batteries are completely lifeless and I'll try thanks to you!

I did manage to bring 2 Xbox360 battery packs back to life by very slowly discharging to 100% empty and resetting the memory chip (just shorting 4 pads) so Im all gung-ho about battery restoration at the moment.

Thank you again - makes perfect sense!
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