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1/4 to banana conversion
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Author 1/4 to banana conversion
Hi, can someone shed light on any problems with converting a module that has 1/4 jacks to banana jacks, aside from any normalisation issues. Assume its just a jack connected and no funny business. I presume wiring is very simple, connect commons and wire the + to the banana plug, or am i wrong? The problem i can see may be an issue is with the sizes of the holes, would a banana jack cover the hole left by the jack on the front panel?


Yeah, hole size may be a slight problem but could probably be overcome by finding a suitable washer.

Hole sizes vary a bit but I tend to use a 10mm hole for 1/4" jacks and an 8mm hole for bananas.

I just measured the outer diameter of my banana sockets:
old ones were about 10.5mm
new ones are about 9.6mm
So neither would be ideal for 10mm holes without a suitable washer.

If modules are built with all sockets 'flying' (ie not board mounted or with a separate jack board) then conversion should otherwise be very quick and simple. It always has been with Wiard 1200 series frac -- literally just take the old sockets out, discard the ground and hook up to the new bananas.

Damn you Bugs, see what you've done. I was perfectly happy with my crappy mini jacks and spindly little cables. Then you come along with yer banana jacks and fancy super sound mega modular.............

Thanks for the info though, much appreciated. thumbs up
Yeah, he got me too!

Seriously though, I've converted at least 20-25 modules with very few problems. This was from 1/8, mind you, but apart from hole size, there shouldn't be much difference.
I am currently fitting bananas to a bridechamber 5U panel with 1/4. The holes are 10mm, but the jacks I got from Tom seem to work, just. Maybe a bigger washer might be required.
The conversions I've done have been from mini and the holes usually need enlarging. To go the other way you'd want to get shoulder washers to provide the smaller hole centered within the bigger hole but, depending on the diameters and thickness of the panel you can often use O rings which may be easier to obtain. They can be slightly thicker than the panel and will squish down, taking up some more of the diameter difference. I had PlanB modules with slightly oversized holes and used orthodontic rubber bands to center the jacks. Easier than trying to get them to stay lined up without them.
BananaPlug wrote:
you can often use O rings.

Thats a realy good call thumbs up
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