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Video feedback with just a cortex
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Author Video feedback with just a cortex
Hey folks, new to the video world but I have caught the bug bad.

So I am starting with just a cortex, using some of my oscillators that track well at high frequencies and some other audio waveshapers that I see work well. I know that the cortex lets you blend two video signals and that you can use the key input to switch between them so you could do something like having a diamond of one video on a background of another. My question is if there is an easy way to do feedback with one of the channels while doing standard oscillator based synthesis with the other? Currently my idea is to just run the composite outputs into the composite inputs and then plug those into the RGB inputs on one of the channels of the cortex but it would be nice to know if there is a more elegant way to accomplish this.

Thank you!
Yes, you can use a standard component cable to route the VC output back into its input. Then use the s-video or composite output(s) for the real output. That'll give you basic feedback.

Going beyond that will require additional hardware like the kind recommended on the LXZ Video Peripherals & Accessories page. Oddly, there are no video mixers there, which I find very useful in a feedback loop, but anything that has a delay of 1 frame or more will really help. The VC doesn't have frame delay, but it'll still do some amazing things, esp if you "perturb" the feedback using oscillators. Audio rate will do just fine here. It's a lot like using feedback in an audio patch, only much faster. Think about the chaos you can get by crossmodulating VCOs. It's the same principle.

I reccomend searching this subforum for "feedback". This topic has been discussed here many times, so you'll find a lot of great tips.
I was just doing this

it works well
composite was my output component got fed back into the VC

the matrix mixer is your feedback friend! mix in just tiny amounts throughout the patch

of course any mixing of feedback and other signals makes for interesting results

nanners nanners
Sweet, thanks for the replies. I am actually pretty experienced with video feedback but all on the computer. I have a panasonic WJ-AVE5 that I have been meaning to get worked into a video feedback system but it looks like I will need a composite to RGB converter to plug back into the visual cortex.
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