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Chirper And Friends
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Author Chirper And Friends
Here's the first evidence of a newly assembled smallish system. It began as something to accompany a DoubleKnot and some odd modules. Then a Chirper prototype showed up and things really got interesting. Here's a six minute sample.
Recorded live with what you see here.

Steve nanners
With my internet connection I have sometimes to wait until it's loading again. I was looking at other pages, forgot about the file opened and after a few minutes, suddenly, the bass passage was umuted zombie POW!

I really enjoyed listening to the audio file you posted.
Some serious sounds here thumbs up
Also very cool to listen to Tom's new creation.

Interesting how you go on the 3rd dimension in your rack.
I don't remember having ever seing that before. Very inspiring. Very compact for a live set too.
That was too awesome! we're not worthy
Really nice! Even the high-pitched whistles, which I tend to shy away from.
Haha, as always Steve's idea of small system...
No, of course it is quite small and it is so hard to not want to bring along this & that module.

Good work!

And of course I really ought to get myself a DoubleKnot - quite a few cropping up in bug circles.
(I daresay I could be convinced on a trade if anyone wanted to pass one my way)
So it's been six weeks or so and there have been some changes in the setup but it's roughly the same. At the moment I've been fussing with some VCAs and stuff, which is what led to this little autopilot ditty.

vibe-of-the-day - It's been running here like incense.

The liner notes:
You can hear the beat of a "bump Bump" pulse and a rhythmic metallic sound (both DoubleKnot) along with some random resonant percussion (Twin Peak). The other tones, including those organ like ones, are the Chirper with two flavors of randomness steering it. Chirper is fed to a short delay (more for character than actual delay) and a long delay of about 4 seconds which doubles up those sounds. There's also an improvised envelope follower (BugBrand DD1) extracting additional dynamics from Chirper.
Another month, another little demo.

Recorded as a quick snapshot of the end of a brief practice session yesterday. The Ditto and the box next to it are not heard on this. Mostly Chirper!

12/02 Snapshot

These recordings are excellent! Please keep posting as you make them thumbs up
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