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Windows ASIO problem
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Author Windows ASIO problem
So a problem that I have had for a while now, but haven't taken any steps to fix has started to really bug me. I know that the ASIO driver can only be used by 1 program at a time, and this isn't a problem. If i open Youtube, spotify, etc while Ableton is using ASIO to run my Behringer UMC1820 interface, I will not get any sound from my interface from anything except Ableton.

It's when I'm done with Ableton and I close it, that I have a problem. When I close out of Ableton Live, nothing else will play sound until I reset my computer. I can open youtube via firefox, start a video, and there will be no sound, even though nothing else is prioritizing over firefox. It's like Live is still running (and it's not, i've checked task manager) I'll set my UMC1820 as my default audio device in windows sound settings, but nothing will happen.

Ableton Live isn't open in the background, so what gives? And is there an alternative to ASIO? Because I'm fed up with this driver. I feel like it's a shit solution to running an interface via Windows. There has to be something better.
umma gumma
what version of windows are you using?
I don't know if it is completely related, but when I need to use asio I need to right click the speaker icon on the bottom right of the monitor, click playback devices, and disable everything except the digital audio out. When I'm not using asio I go back to playback devices and enable "speakers" in the playback devices menu, otherwise I get no sound like you mentioned

Next time your getting no sound, make sure that your speakers are enabled in the playback devices menu and see if that works.
The first two channels of my audio interface are taken up by a desktop mixer (Echo Layla & a behringer xenyx something).
I've actually got all my regular system sounds (browser, video, etc, anything windows related) going out of my computers regular line/speaker out into the behringers tape input.
I just turn on monitoring of those two channels by default (system speakers are hooked up to the interface), and only mute them when I'm launching my daw or ready to record.

Working this way I never have any driver conflicts.
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