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A beginning
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Author A beginning
So I currently have this tower:

I've been running an N64 through a BPMC Premium Cable, which is awesome, but has totally ignited the itch, so I'm planning on swapping out the euro rack for a video rack. This is my current plan, but it's likely going to change drastically once I start acquiring things:

I'm going to start with the Visual Cortex and will expand from there. I may also pick up a BPMC AVE CV and a Gieskes Oscillatoscope along the way.

What do you guys think? Any comments on my choice of modules or things you'd do differently? The only module I'm not completely sold on is the War of the Ants, but white noise and static totally fit in with the lofi/glitch aesthetic that I'm going for.
that uzeus will barely cover the 12- demands of those modules. I've used uzeus for video with acceptable results in the past but the 500ma on the neg rail makes them limiting. You would want to have the brick that maxes out the uzeus positive rail at 2A if you go that route.

if you can swing it, you may consider a vessel to start your video case.

I use tiptop studio bus now which are good for about 1 row of 84-100hp of video modules depending on the modules but they are limited to 800mA on the negative too

oscillatoscope is cool. maybe consider building the 3trins and lzx adapter if you are so inclined. the 3trins and cortex make a powerful combo

I like you choices, maybe consider waiting for the digital line to come out before making the purchase of the chords or ants.
Yeah, I agree about the uZeus being underpowered for video. I'd save that for your non-video modules and use one Row Power 40 per row. The Malekko PSU is even better, so I second the Vessel case recommendation.

Alternately, just add a second uZeus. Use two of them per row. lol
MrNovember wrote:
So I currently have this tower:

I recently started the same journey as you, and my recommendation is to drop the ColorChords (since you dont have that many composition sources) and either add Doorway (or even better a Prismatic Ray) and/or a couple Cadets (another VCO, a Key Gen, a Multiplier, a Fader...).
After my previous recommendation, you can probably add Sensory Translator (super super usefull), Color Chords and other stuff you like when your wallet allows you.

The things I like the most in my right are the Staricases and the Navigator+Shapechanger combo. smile

You can probably get a couple of LFOs, prefferably cuadrature LFOs like doepfer of Octature from Erica which are cheap, or go DIY and get an Ornaments&Crime which I totally love and rocks.
+1 for translator in lieu of Cchords. It's such a spectacular modulation source...I'm running 18u and it's like 1 of 4 modulators in my whole rig, which sounds crazy but works just fine.

Chords isn't really adding alot to your setup, whereas translator gives you all kinds of voltages to drive the other pieces.

Also you might want to trade an oscillator or sumn in place of WOTA, but up to you. Can't say I'd have a WOTA in even a 6u standalone setup. Too bad Lars doesn't rerun TVFKG as that's a POWERHOUSE and so fundamental imo
I still have my TVFKG but haven't really wrapped my head around it as of yet do you have any tips?
like anything at all help

I love the blending matrix
I'm eager to try a blending matrix into color chords workflow or color chords into blending matrix

I may have to pick up a translator as I just got my wife a vessel case and it looks like we will have almost 9u of modules when everything settles and ships
we need some more modulation sources Dead Banana
It's a workhorse!

A fun patch is to run Component into the cortex from a camera or dvd...then run each individual color channel R, G, B into Key inputs 1, 2 and 3 respectively. Take the Key outputs into color channels of the cortex, I like to do them on opposite sides as eachother i.e Red Channel A of cortex with 1 key output and Red Channel B of cortex w/ another output. Toss the 3rd output somewhere else. Then use the multiply/solarize switches to get some cool fx going on. Modulate the CV of the TVFKG with envelopes that go to the music ie Sensory Translator. Basically you end up with a cool "stencil" layer effect. Bonus points if you run the TVFKG key outs through a filter or something, you can get moving water color paintings that way!

Takes some fiddling of the TVFKG parameters to get it where you want it, but it's a lovely starter patch. Also keep in mind that you can invert the fill w/ the +key -key switch.

Alot of this video is nature docs building on more complicated versions of the patch I just outlined...filtering it post TVFKG etc.

The keying portion is so clutch. Run a ramp into it and a sensory translator env output into it, you can make the ramp dance to the music...getting larger or smaller, change the fill etc.

It also works as a voltage controlled mixer, run 2 voltages....howabout 2 ramps....into A + B inputs, switch knob to Fade (try all different knob settings all the time)....put some CV in the CV in portion, a complex LFO or more Sensory Translator. Use the unlabeled out (farthest right)...and it'll mix between the 2 A+B inputs based on your CV input. Sweet! Now take that output and bring it into A channel in the empty section below it...bring a different ramp or oscillator into B, now you've got something interesting instead of a boring triangle or circle on screen!

Can do this same thing with just an A input and you've got yourself a VCA! Move the dial closer to the B so it's not just outputting A all the time. Takes a little knob movement but you'll get it. When the CV in is low you won't see any A, then it gets high and Voila there's whatever you input to A!

Nice how everything is cascaded too, so you can for instance take 1 input and apply 3 different CV's to it and have 3 different versions outputted.

IDK, I use them constantly in every patch. So much utility and I just don't care about mixers that don't have VC smile

Lars does a much better job of explaining, hopefully I outlined something that'll be fun/interesting for you though. r/ thumbs up
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