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video synth control
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Author video synth control
so as our cases grow it is nice to have some specific controllers to use so you don't have to dig through cables all the time and once you have settled on some patches to use

that being said what kind of controllers do you all use

I'm thinking arc/ansible would be a powerful combo

I'm thinking of adding at least one joystick depending on how the new polar fringe works (I'm assuming there isn't a way to send static CV sources like other just joystick modules if that is the case maybe two)

I have a meng qi voltage memory that could be nice for presets I would imagine

what am I missing as far as control surfaces for video

some toggle switching might be nice too but I would assume they would have to be specific to video in order to work (at least with the video sources)
I use a planar, choices, cv trinity for automation, vectr, and push via expert sleepers. My hands are busy!
Also PressurePoints, modded for 1V or not. Tap Tempo on QPLFO. Bare Cable ends squeezed between fingertips...
MUFF WIGGLER Forum Index -> Video Synthesis  
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