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266e - Fluctuating Voltages are stepped
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Author 266e - Fluctuating Voltages are stepped
search function down, but searched topics for 20+ pages and didn't find anything.

i'm having an issue with my 266e where the fluctuating voltages are stepped. i know they are not supposed to be. anyone ever had this issue?

My 266e FRV is stepped, my 267e is not. I thought I read somewhere that it is a DAC resolution issue. You have to remember that the early 200e modules are built on nearly 20 year old technology, if not older.
edit: as soon as i wrote this, alex contacted me, so we're good.
okay, so heard from alex/BEMI, and verified with both his and another user's 266e that the outputs to all were stepped. per one user:

Looks like the 266e is stepping .02v per value change at the slowest setting on the FRV section. Which leads me to believe that it's a software thing, not a DAC resolution limit since the DAC is 12-bit which means that the smallest amount it can change is .0024v

so, at this point it's a "known" issue, although i'm surprised no one else has brought this up previously. i guess the step amounts are small enough so that most don't notice? or maybe other users don't have this issue? any way, i'll likely get rid of this and build another 266r instead.

thanks for the assistance all
After looking back at my oscilloscope screenshots, I realized I was reading the scale wrong, and the steps are actually ~.04v, which would indicate that even though the DAC chip is 12-bit, the MCU is sending it 8-bit values (max 8-bit integer is 255, 10v/255 = .039v).
I never noticed the FRV section was throwing out quantised CV till I saw this thread d'oh! haha! If you have a Morphun Eardrill ModuleModule, put it in morph mode, press the mode button and wiggle slider 2 to limit to two stages. Now slide slider one to its lowest position and slider two to the highest position. This produces smooth voltages.
Michael Tiemann
Another good reason to have a 255 on hand...
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