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DIY Diary: My First 10 DIY Projects
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Author DIY Diary: My First 10 DIY Projects
Hey all. Based on the feedback I got from my Eurorack Diary Thread, I decided to start this one. I just got into DIY and I wanted to post a diary to document my first 10 projects.

I figure this can give an newbie an idea of what to expect and how difficult it truly is. For background, I used to mod guitars, so I understand the basics of soldering/desoldering and things like that. However, I had never built any synths or effects prior to September.

Since I started building last month... but I'm just now starting the thread... I'll need to get the first few projects posted in rapid succession to get "caught up". After that, I'll post them as I go. In reality it took me a month or so to finish the first 4 projects. After that, I'll post them as I finish them.

Here we go... It's DIY time!
First things first... TOOLS

Luckily I had most of the stuff from my guitar modding days. The only thing I had to buy was the third hand. I'll probably come across a few things I'm missing as I go, but in any case... here's what I figured was necessary.
    Soldering Iron
    Desoldering pump/braid
    Third hand (PCB holder)
    Flush cutters
    Wire stripper
    Needle nose pliers
    Small screwdrivers

BTW, Muffs member abelovesfun posted this tutorial which every DIY newbie should read. It's great!
Project #1: Moffenzeef Jarmageddon

This was my entry into the DIY world. As someone who had never built a synth before, I thought it was remarkably easy. The kit is very simple and has detailed instructions. This was a great build for a first timer. I'd recommend it to anyone. Mr. Green

When I first finished the project, I tested it and the circuit did not work. After a quick inspection, I realized one of the 3 lugs on the voltage regulator wasn't soldered all that well, I dropped a small dab on that lug and viola. It worked. Easy build and a cool little project. I'd highly recommend this one to a first timer.

Product link:
Project #2: Landscape AllFlesh

Anxious to explore this new hobby further, I picked up a Landscape AllFlesh kit at Knobcon 2017. After I got home, I started building it and realized this one is so easy, I can barely call it a DIY project. hihi

It only took about 10 minutes to build the whole kit. There are 10 pads and 10 jacks in the box. Flatten out the leads, hold them in place, and start soldering... that's it. It's very very very simple to build... but a handy thing for anybody's modular gadget bag. thumbs up

Product link:
Project #3: Synthrotek Optical Theremin

After the ease of building the AllFlesh, I figured I had to something a little bit more difficult to keep some street cred around here. wink Anyway, I purchased an optical theremin PCB from Synthrotek. Like the Jarmageddon, it is a very simple circuit. Unlike the Jarmageddon, the components are not PCB-mounted. Most are connected to the board with short wires.

I had a box of parts from all my guitar mods, so I had most of the things I needed on hand. I only had to purchase the optical sensors (which I got from Synthrotek), IC (also from Synthrotek), and one resistor (which I found at Micro Center). I also had to find an enclosure so I settled on a chicken bullion jar I got at the Hispanic grocery store up the road. This was a fun one to build.

Product link:

After the fact... I'd like to say Synthrotek provides great documentation, demo videos, and when I called to ask a question... the guy who answered the phone was super helpful. He told me about when he built that kit and exactly what to expect. He spent time with me to make sure my questions were answered and asked me to call back if I ran into problems. Based on this experience, I really like that company.

A++ to Synthrotek for excellent customer service. nanners
Looks like you're having fun! What's next?
Project #4: RYO Airtenuator

Like project #2, this one is so simple it barely constitutes a DIY project. The kit literally comes with 3 PCBs, 3 pots, and 6 jacks (and a handful of pins to attach the bottom board). I actually thought it was going to require a little bit more effort, but its super easy. However, this is an amazing little thing to have in your modular gadget bag. Everyone should build one! lol

Product link:

BTW, I've already started on my next DIY project. It should be done this weekend. I'll post a new vid once I get her working. thumbs up
Awesome Builds! Keep em coming!
Nice video's, I like them short smile
Thanks for the comments fellas. I'm going strong. More to come. wink
Project #5: 3PDT One Knob Fuzz Pedal

I pretty much have every guitar stomp box I need... with the exception of a fuzz pedal. I’ve always loved the ol’ Colorsound Fuzz Box, and since I’m getting into this whole DIY thing, I decided it was time to build one. This is probably my most complicated build so far simply because I had to drill the enclosure, decorate it, and, due to a lack of instructions, get creative on a few things. Anyway, the final product sounds great. Guitar

Honestly though, I cannot recommend this kit for the reasons I state at the end of the video. I experienced bad service from 3DPT so this will probably be the last one of their products I’ll ever buy. It’s a pity cuz the pedal is really nice, but when you compare 3PDT to the service I received from Synthrotek... no contest. confused

Product link:
I ordered my next kit. It will probably take a few days to get here and a few more to build, but I'll post a vid when it's complete. I'm pretty excited about the next one. hyper
Hey all. I completed Project #6 yesterday. I'll have the video posted soon. Coincidentally, I also ordered my next kit. I think it's safe to say I'm addicted to DIY at this point. wink
Project #6: MFOS Alien Screamer

Well, this is by far the most complicated thing I've built yet. I'm not saying it's complicated in the grand scheme of things, just more complicated than anything I've done thus far. I had to find a project box (got this one off Amazon for a few bucks) and do a little engineering to get everything in the box. I also added two little mods. It was a lot of fun to build.

Product link: 20Boxes/alien-screamer-component-kit-w-pcb

P.S. my next project arrived today in the mail. I guess that was good timing. wink
Project #7: NLC Sloth Chaos (first module build)

Well, after six projects, I decided it was time to build a Eurorack module. I settled on the Sloth Chaos because I've been curious about chaotic oscillators for some time and I don't own one. I have to say I was pleasantly surprised at how easy it was to build. It only took a couple hours (and I was multitasking). This is a great kit and a fun module.

Product link:
Time to level up. Suggest: Ornament and Crime.
Fun thread and neat vids too. Looking forward to next episode! hyper
Project #8: Minty Synth 2.0

I decided to build an Arduino-based synth for my next project. I found the Minty Synth which is quite powerful and pretty simple to build. It's a neat little toy that can do a lot of things. This pocket-sized synth would be great for bus/plane trips or other situations where you need to kill some time.

Product link:

BTW, I have not even ordered project #9 yet. I'm still trying to figure out what it should be. confused
I just ordered project #9. It will probably take a bit to get here, but I'll make an update once I get it working.
Still working on #9 (I hope to have it done this week) but in the meantime... here's a look back at 1-8. beer!

Quick update on Project #9. I finished it this weekend, but one of the two boards is not powering on. One is working fine the other refuses to power up. I checked the main power and it looks fine. I'm going to set it aside for a day or two and then look at it again with fresh eyes. I'm sure its something simple I missed. More updates to come...
Project #8: Synthrotek Drone Box

Sorry for the delay in getting this posted. Life has been a bit crazy these past couple weeks. Anyway, here is Project #9. I put two Synthrotek kits (4093 NAND & PT2399 Delay) together to make a new drone box. I added the warp and blast mods, as well as the sag power CV. I'm pretty happy with the build overall.

Well this was kinda fun...

Project #10: Warp Generator

Well, I realize this is probably one of the simplest things I've built so far, but it was definitely a light bulb moment. I'm starting to understand a lot more about how circuits work. I still have a lot to learn... but this was super cool.

After I made that video. I messed around with it some more and made this.

Fun little module. thumbs up
That Warp Generator is really cool! I think I'll build one or two.
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