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ES-8 Input Issue
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Author ES-8 Input Issue
I just bought a TipTop Mantis case and after installing my modules my ES-8 ch.4 input is just inputting noise. The LED is blue and when I monitor input in Ableton it's literally just loud white noise with nothing connected to the input.

Doesn't look like anything is shorted on the PCB, and the module works fine otherwise. All of the other power headers in the case work fine. Not sure what's up?

Any advice welcome.
Is this something that just started happening after the case move?

Are the other inputs OK?
Yes, but I just checked it on my last case's power (pittsburgh structure) and the input does the same thing. Other inputs seem to be fine.
Sounds like it's broken then. Email me and we'll discuss a repair.
Hi! I'm new here and am still learning the ropes of the forum-- I hope that this is an okay place to post.

I have had an ES-8 since the summer which has been working perfectly. Today when I went to plug my USB into the device I found that the LED indicator did not light up and that my computer would not recognize the ES-8 despite it working great yesterday. I have tried it with different USB cables as well as on different computers but unfortunately it is still not being recognized (though the ES-8 is turning on normally). I'm not so sure how to proceed and would appreciate your help on this matter-- thank you so much!

All the best,

I have a similar situation to the first post....just bought the ES-8 and installed it in a new TipTop mantis case. Everything seems to work and it sounds great but in Ableton the meters show constant "noise" at -36db or higher on inputs 1/2 with nothing patched into those inputs. Also a bit on input 3 as well. I've been using input 4 just because the notes module in CVToolkit defaults to it.

The ES-8 is sending ADAT out to my Apollo Twin and they are setup as an aggregate device. When I monitor inputs 1/2 (again nothing is patched into them) in Ableton I hear low level digital noise maybe along with low level pops.

I've removed that ADAT cable, tried different ports for the USB, tried it without the aggregate makes no difference.

Firmware is 1.20
@dc29 Email me.

@modul8tr I believe we're already talking on email?
Sent an e-mail to os a few days ago. Experiencing the same thing on my ES-8. Noise coming through ADAT out 1-4 to my computer. Hovering around -60db. Using an Erica Synths case here. Any suggestions would be much appreciated!
try to change power supply. it worked in my case
Same issue here as a few others already posted above. version in mac os shows 1.2. ADAT interface on inputs 1-4 is reading around -60 db when it would be nice to be around -90 as my intellijel audio interface ii reads when cranked to provide+6db gain on the modular outputs. Tried in a new intelijell tps 80 power board, and then in a make noise board. Plenty of power reserve in both these boards, so some suggestion as to the issue would be great! Anyway, I was hoping stand alone mode would proved me 4 in 8 out in 8hp and be an upgrade to my audio interface ii since I have ADAT on hand already...Using the USB-audio mode to rec seems to have the same -60 noise floor measured in the DAW...

Edit: I have been reading some posts on the ES-3 mentioning that some DC offset is normal. To test this with regard to the ES-8 -60db noise floor, I put up DC blocking on the inputs and now I am at a fairly acceptable -73db.
Hello, I have an ES-8 and noticed there is some noise between -50 & -100db.
I can hear it clearly with phones.
Is it normal or is it mine ?
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