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Doubling time on the easel sequencer / complex rhythms
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Author Doubling time on the easel sequencer / complex rhythms

i'm looking into buying an easel in the coming months, having been inspired by a lot of recordings i've heard online.

i came across this piece, which i assume was written on the easel for obvious reasons -

i was wondering about the specific effect around that begins as the second, percussive buchla line comes in. the sequencer to go briefly into double/quadruple time, at 3.51 in for instance, and more obviously so around the 5.55 minute mark onwards.

do any of you knowledgable people know if these kind of rhythmic intricacies are feasible on the easel, or wether this was probably done on a larger system, or is a recording/editing trick.

having super 'expressive' and evolving rhythms would definitely be a huge plus for me, but i had a hard time finding youtube demos that are really rhythm focused.

I can't speak to whether or not that performance was done on an easel but there are multiple ways of creating complex rhythms using the easel.

This patch has the pulser, envelope, and sequencer being driven by the keyboard in arpeggio mode. The sequencer is then patched back into the input of the arpeggio rate, so the whole sequence jumps forward at a faster rate with the first sequencer slider raised up about half way.

Of course Todd Barton has an example of this kind of patch as well...

I often patch the preset voltage pads into the input of the pulser to have preset rhythm timings. In this video I start off with an extreme rate, then jump down to a mid-tempo, and then I go into double time. I also have the envelope triggered on the first and fourth step of the sequencer if I remember correctly, and that's what's triggering the "bass drum" type of sound.

The easel is a rabbit hole and it can take you down a ton of different paths if you let it.
this helps a lot,
thank you!
These are great, thanks for sharing! Need to experiment with this.
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