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A new member to the clan of Bug
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Author A new member to the clan of Bug
Well look what landed on my doorstep! This is my initial delivery of a 1 Frame System from Tom.

Apart from the frame and PSU there is a CTL2 – Joystick /touch module, a Pair of SYN2A VCO’s, a PRC3A state Variable filter, DD1 balanced modulator/low pass gate and the ULT2 output mixer.

As and when they become available the frame will be completed by a DD2 LFO/mixer, ENV1 AD envelope and PRC1 delay.

What I thought I’d do, as I don’t think it’s be done yet is to run through the modules raw. The Soundcloud file demonstrates the following:

One VCO with the joystick connected to the 1V/oct input. The CTL2 is set for internal unipolar, giving a 10V range. Waveforms go triangle, Saw, pulse for both ranges with manual adjust of the waveshape.

Next the 2nd VCO’s sine is connected to the ModCV (set to 9 O’clock) for a little FM action. 2nd VCO goes from LFO to full audio. VCO1 output is triangle.

Next 1 VCO sync’d to the other – probably the nicest sync sound in my rig

Then each VCO is tuned as a pair being fed by the joystick and they are patched into the Balanced Modulator in AM mode that is fed into the Low Pass gate in gate mode which uses joystick for pitch and the touch plate for the gate to open and close it.

There's also some examples of the Ring Mod in here somewhere.

Lastly the SV filter fed by a VCO and modulated by the second VCO in LFO mode with the joystick providing pitch on one axis, frequency cutoff on the other and Q modulation on one touch plate. Output is LP, BP, HP then Notch.

Then a bit of fooling around. In retrospect I should have edited the sound file more but I was keen to share.

Hope you like what you hear? I do.

I guess... now you need to change your name! ;D
A public-spirited first audio post!

Thanks a lot David!

Then a bit of fooling around. In retrospect I should have edited the sound file more but I was keen to share.

Editing is over-rated ... or rather there is often not the time. I tend to just splurge all audio with abandon.
that blue is beautiful! oh so beautiful. if ever my banana dam breaks blue will be the color of choice
nanners It's peanut butter jelly time! nanners

thumbs up

Countdown to euro for sale post starts in 3.......2........1...........
Really cool sounds. Most impressed what you get from so few modules! Wow!
Thanks everyone.

Euro sale? Not planning to go down that route as I still have a wish list cry

As far as the sounds - I have not even scratched the surface yet. The sound file was really just me checking everything had survived the British postal system meh

These are really powerful modules with a character of their own and I hope to post a few more clips over time.

Kudos to Tom for a very well thought out system. we're not worthy

Oh and the blue is so cool. It matches my SMS system almost perfectly applause


Add a UTLx and your Bug and Euro can play together, although the voltage standards are a bit different I have found that they work very well together.
It's on my list darenager, in the interim Tom made some converter cables to keep my interfaced.
A nice little system.
Always interesting to hear the early try-outs thumbs up
Thanks KNYST,

here are two more from last night;

The first is just a noodle, just pure Bugbrand nodular.

the second (my favorite) has a Z8000 sequencer channel driving one SYN2A being synced by the second that has it's 1V/Oct modified by the joystick. A UStep is clocking the LPG and the output goes into a Z5000 set to filter/flanger - I think. Hope you like them.

Thanks sungja,

I was really getting in to that sequenced piece.
Yay! Only just got to listen properly (ie not on computer speakers)

Rich tones aplenty and great that you're already driving together with the Euro.
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