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Enclosure for 208r (rev.1)
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Author Enclosure for 208r (rev.1)
(I considered posting this in DIY, but figured there may be more specific knowledge/experience here in the Buchla forum...)

My Buchla 208r needs a home! It is an original rev.1 with just the two boards, so pretty shallow. I was fast to start it, slow to finish it, and since I did finish it two years ago it has been sitting on my workbench. And I would play it through my TTSH, until my TTSH found a permanent home in my studio earlier this year.

I'm wondering if there's any sort of decent pre-made enclosure out there, that could fit the 208, or be easily modified to fit the 208. I did buy a 17x7x3 Bud box (which I think is the deepest in 17x7), but it is going to require extensive grinding to get those PCBs to fit. And I don't think there's enough room for a PSU... maybe there's enough if I build my own power regulator board to pull off of a DC input.

I'd also be totally interested in a straight-forward rack-mount solution.
Weedywhizz boats are great. I’ve got my 208 in a 6u and works fine with a cut down distro board
Thank you muncky SlayerBadger!

Will also have black 4U boats very soon. They should have arrived last week but got delayed.
I also offer Romans 211 small powered distro boat so you can have a plug & play system.

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