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ES-3 and Motu 8M via ADAT issue.
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Author ES-3 and Motu 8M via ADAT issue.
I have been using ES-3 successfully with an older and now replaced Motu 828mk3 with good results. I recently got a Motu 8M and now the ES-3 lights up two channels at a time if I send a mono information. I haven't figured out the behavior quite yet but for basic trouble shooting I've set the 8M to send ADAT rather than toslink and I'm exploring the external outputs using Ableton Live.

Anyone with insight or similar experiences?
Sounds like you're running at 88.2 or 96kHz.
Yes. So far I've only managed 96kHz to work with ableton. What other frequencies would work?

Edit: 44.1kHz works but I only get 4 channels.
44.1 or 48kHz are the only supported sample rates for ADAT, both with 8 channels.
If you want to use 96 for the Es3 you add SMUX plugin (in addtion to the other plugin for like LFO or what not) for silent way on the channel...there are not many properties so you should be able to figure it out to get your 8 channels again. the ES6 does not support smux though so only 3 inputs. Also in your plugin presets make sure its setup as mono not stereo
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