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Buchla 208, 25S, and Roland TR-606
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Author Buchla 208, 25S, and Roland TR-606
I'm borrowing Auxren's Buchla 200 system and have found that the 10V trigger outputs of the TR-606 are perfect for the 208r's Pulser and envelope. I am brand new to this subforum, so I humbly submit the following document as one of the more fun, but less melodic, first forays I've had into Soviet Buchlanistan.

Patch notes, such as they are, in the Vimeo video description.

Some other sketches, for those with time and interest:

My own Djangosfire 208r build is inbound, arrives in a few days.
I saw this on Facebook and Instagram. I'll comment here. I like these very much. The Buchla, especially in the examples you've been posting, just sounds like musical electricity. I can't help but feel excited for you (and some others I've recently started following) and your future explorations into Buchla. I'm really hoping to get there one day myself.
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