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Will there ever be new modules from BEMI?
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Author Will there ever be new modules from BEMI?
Tropic Al
I was wondering if there will ever be any new modules from BEMI or do you think they will just continue to sell the existing catalogue?

Do they even have anyone to design new modules from the ground up?
I'd like to think that the 252e, Don's final project, would be a fitting coda to him; I shutter to think where BEMI might go next given its seemingly "flawed"
business practices...what would enhance his legacy?
Concurred. Unless of course hoping someday Ezra regains his Da's company and name and does a compatible 3rd gen of the 200 series.
I gotta say that I've never been more frustrated with a company before as I am with BEMI. Everyone has been patient and given them more chances than they ever deserved and they continue to disappoint and frustrate.

Aside from the website facade, I question whether BEMI even exist. They do not respond to any attempts to contact them through their site or bemi email addresses.

The support guys and developers that participate on this forum are no longer employees (correct?).

The h series took over two (maybe 3) years to bring to market.

What about the "new" oscillator they showed at NAMM in 2016? It turned out to be a re-release of the 260e.. but that has yet to materialise.

Remember that interview Kent did 3-4 years ago? There was all of this talk about doing a audit of the 200e modules and addressing remaining issues.

The press release at the time of purchase from B&A hinted at making the modules more affordable but everything is much more expensive (the Easel has nearly doubled in price from it's original price).

Don's newer designs are really something else. The 296e and 252e are absolutely beautiful. I would have loved to have seen rev2s of the 261e with fine tuning and higher resolution waveforms/audio FM. 222e/223e/252e/(249e:) CV over internal bus would have been welcome (and from what I understand was in the testing phase at the end of B&A). The 225e 1.2v/octave calibration would be nice. There is the 266e stepped fluctuating voltage and the 291e clipping that can be easily worked around but perhaps fixed in an upgraded in a rev2? 210e CV section is dodgy and should be upgraded to rev2, especially for what they are charging.

I do love my system (even the 5 modules that need service that BEMI will not respond about), but it is also the only synth I have that frustrates me with what could/should have been. I hoped BEMI would have taken this on but I've given up on them doing anything new or addressing any of these issues.

Sorry to sound so negative. I think I'll bury my axe here and get on with it.
hmm, I emailed them last week, and they emailed me back in 10 minutes
I've been emailing them for a year with various issues. Nada.


Company: Audio Supermarket D.B.A. "Buchla Electronic Musical Instruments"

Position: Chief Visionary

Job Description: Cook up some wicked-ass shit like Don did.

Job Prerequisites: relentless desire to continuously revolutionalize what a musical instrument is and how a human being interacts with it.

Compensation: minimal to non-existent on a financial basis, rich beyond measure in every other way.

I wish they would make some more h series options, especially an h preset manager and a 256h.
Dr. Sketch-n-Etch
It sounds as if what they really need is a good engineer to look after and debug all of their designs and manufacturing practices.
That would be a welcome first step on the road toward health.
I'm just praying they come through with my music easel lol
pelican wrote:
I'm just praying they come through with my music easel lol

Me too. Would be even more impressed if it came with a manual written this century wink
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