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2hp diy module not passive without smt
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Author 2hp diy module not passive without smt
I know that small powered modules often has smt but what do you suggest?
No unity mixers, buff mults, rectifier or vactrol vca's please.

Not sure what your question is, but what do have against vactrols? I've been using homemade ones. They work great.

SMT is really good too. You can get smaller boards made really cheap & reflow soldering is actually pretty easy. It's also better from an electrical & mechanical stand point than thru hole. It's a bit of a leap to go from thru hole to SMT but after you do you'll wonder why you didn't do it sooner.
I love vactrols! It's just that I already did a vactrol vca with homebrewd vactrols.

Everybody is saying this to me about smt... I should start doing that this year... It's just that my eyesight is terrible and I work with a big magnifying lamp...

Zlob modular have nice 2hp modules kits with smt right?
Drilldoughzer wrote:

Zlob modular have nice 2hp modules kits with smt right?

the clock divider is mostly not SMT, only one chip is, all the other are stand-up resistor. Also SMT for SOIC and resistors (in particular 1206) is ok, not more difficult than through hole (avoid 0603, also some capacitors, diodes and transistors are a pain in SMT).
I have a ZLOB mixer and a EQ, they are both mostly through-hole except for the IC. So maybe try those?

Zlob has nice looking panels too!
i have two 2hp modules that are active without smd. i have a summed dual vca and push vca(sorta summed mute mixer). im getting a new revision of the clk dv this week which is all through hole now. so it should be back out soon.
onurkalaycioglu wrote:
im getting a new revision of the clk dv this week.

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Those constraints are hard to meet. 2HP is 0.4 inches. Through-hole jacks and DIP ICs don't really fit into that width, so you can't really have a circuit board parallel to the panel. If you mount the board perpendicular to the panel then you can just barely fit the jacks in, but pots are going to be a problem, and it's going to need a lot of depth. And you can't fit a standard Eurorack power connector into that width either, if it plugs straight into the board - you'd need to use a right-angle header and have the plug go further back into the depth.

One channel of my MSK 006 VCA could probably be squeezed into 2HP with some work. You'd need to clip down the leads on the jacks to the minimum length that will fit through the board; come up with some kind of substitute for the pots, because the ones I used are 0.5" even without the thickness of the board; use a right-angle power connector; and solder all the transistors as close to the board as possible. I don't sell boards or kits for that project but you'd probably want to make your own modifications to the PCB design anyway to accommodate whatever you're doing about the potentiometer. All in all, tricky but do-able, and I don't think there are many other projects that meet all of the requirements of DIY, 2HP, through hole, not passive, and not on your list of specific modules you don't want.

Of course if you want to work from a schematic and design your own board you have plenty of options. For a simple enough circuit you might also get some benefit from not even using a board but going point-to-point; that could help squeeze the space down. But there's no magic wand you can wave to get around the fact that 2HP is really not enough space for jacks or potentiometers on a panel and most modules require at least one of those things...
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