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DIY spring reverb?
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Author DIY spring reverb?
So I've got a spring reverb tank that I salvaged from a busted Lowrey home organ. I'm curious, how simple would it be to turn this into a standalone effects unit? I know it needs some significant pre-amplification, but I don't know all that much about it other than that - does the impedance of the reverb tank generally bring things back down to a line-level signal (and, actually, do you want things coming out at line level or pickup-output for an effects-pedal type affair?) or does it have to be further attenuated before being brought out to the output? Is setting up an adjustable feedback as simple as just running the output through a potentiometer back into the input? Is there a fairly simple plug-'n-play type hobbyist option for the necessary level of preamplification, or am I going to have to sit down and bash my head against electronics textbooks like I've been avoiding for years?
I found this page to be useful when I built a spring reverb driver...

The other good source of info is this one...

The trouble I had with salvaged reverb tanks was determining the impedances for the input and output. You might need to experiment.

For feedback I just patch a mixer before the input and run the output into the mixer.
Also TapeOp magazine not long ago had a tutorial.

hope that helps.
That's excellent. Thanks!
Long ago I found a stripboard layout for a spring reverb. Built it and it worked well. It's on this forum, not sure where. If you want that, I can probably find it.
I'm building this one found here. Its a fairly simple circuit, especially if you build it right onto strip board like in the illustration... Just realize those red dots under the TL074 means those strips are cut, or broken so separating the two sides of the pins on the chip. Maybe this is the same one BananaPlug was talking about.

I'm just waiting for my copper clad pcb board to get here.

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