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Two new Metasonix units inbound
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Author Two new Metasonix units inbound
Hey guys! I very seldom post here, but I do lurk. smile

I'm a Metasonix whore but I lack the Metasonix stuff. I've owned a bunch of different boxes but I always have to sell because of being broke and what not.

I have a TM 2 and TM 5 inbound. I've owned the TM 5 before so I know what to expect.

The TM 2 however is new to me.

I have a Lightning Wave EVA. I'm not sure if anyone is familiar with that or not? It's made by a gentleman named Lee from New Zealand. He's a fucking genius and makes amazing stuff. You can create custom wave forms with it and do all kinds of whacky shit.

It has a 0-5 range, so similar to a Roland EV5.

Would that work for a Metasonix yellow box? I don't want to screw anything up.

These are both older boxes and I've been told they were both upgraded with new switches (killer and power supplies???). Eric do you do that?? I didn't realize there was anything like that available.

Anyway, I just wanted to share because I'm excited! I love Metasonix and these things rule!
0-5V is actually on the lower side for Metasonix. All will be safe. Try and see what you discover.
Right, 0-5 is more than enough for the TM-2 filter CV, but the VCA circuits want more than 5v to open fully. Generally, these pentode VCAs work best with a CV range from slightly negative (-1 or 2v for full attenuation) to +10v or more.
Thanks for the reply guys!! I figured Metasonix might have some different ranges given how much power they demand. I'll post up my findings once I'm done!
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