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passive DIY video box
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Author passive DIY video box
I'm trying to make a little box to translate bipolar Eurorack control voltages to a VGA signal. Each of the color channels is supposed to receive 0.7v signals. I was thinking of using simple opamp circuits to scale signals, but it occurred to me that I could passively mix signals using potentiometers set up as resistor dividers. Was going to use the standard reverse biased diode to ground to protect against negative voltages. I'm wondering if I should also include some sort of overvoltage protection. Would a forward biased 1N4148 diode to ground work? Any signals above .7v should be enough to exceed the forward voltage of the diode, while anything less won't be able to pass.
for active :
check the LZX Cadet C5 Scaler circuit:

These scale -5+5 bipolar to 0+1v, or 0+5 unipolar to 0+1v (see alt. schematic)

I've made some pcb's from these schematics , this works good!

passive :
Sounds good. try it on breadboard to be certain!
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