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TM3030 Midi synity check
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Author TM3030 Midi synity check
Hello all,

I jsut finished my TM3030 303 clone, everything sounds and tests allright, I can play that sweet acid sounds via keyboard no problem at all.

Now when I connect it to my external sequencer, Yamaha RS7000 that is, it will work once, but if I wanna rewind replay stop and continue the TM3030 will always freeze, unplugging of course resets it, cannot say right now if simply midi unplug also helps, but I dont think so.

So anyone got the same issues? It is not really usable for my purposes this way, since composing music has a lot to do with rewinding start stop play, so maybe I am using it slightly wrong, or it simply hangs itself on external sequencinG???

Any ideas of how to fix this? I assume there will not be a firmware update just because of me?! smile

So maybe just share a bit of source code with me, maybe I rewind my own processor as Midi to CV converter, what really would help me there, what nores generate what analog output voltages, .

Thanks in advance, appreciate every bit of help.

Interesting. We had something like this not so long ago with a chap using an Atari running Creator.

I forwarded that to Colin Fraser at Sequentix who writes the firmware. The problem is that Colin is very busy at the moment with the relocation of his business to Berlin. However, I'm sure he'll try to work out something but I can't say when this will be.

I'll let him know about this one too because it may just be the same thing. The code inside the TM3030 PIC is the same (or very similar) as in the Sequentix midibass TB303 midi kit so it's been well tested over the years. But clearly the RS7000 is putting out a midi message that is screwing up something in the TM3030. Is there a menu in the RS7000 that can stop things like midiclock or MTC being sent out? Thinning the data may help - although it really should be OK.

Actually, I'll mention something I wrote from that other thread that might be useful here.

It could be something like 'reset all CC or controllers'. If it is, then what it is probably doing is sending a modulation wheel value of zero. This will enable the TM3030's mod wheel control over cut-off frequency mode and set it to zero - effectively turning the filter completely off. If so, simply moving your mod wheel should get your TM3030 to work again.

Probably best switch 'reset all controllers' off on the RS7000 if you can.

Very nice, thanks for the quick reply, I will try and test that once back home, and nice idea with the control messages, that indeed could be something to look at.
Synthbuilder wrote:
...This will enable the TM3030's mod wheel control over cut-off frequency mode...

How did I miss this in the manual??? Just tried this with my digitakt this AM and it is awesome! nanners

Hope you figure out the issue Mex! TM3030 is awesome.
got it.

the RS7000 is simply a control beast.

I did put off simply all CC messaged and only send note information and midi clock then it did work beautifully.

Very nice, I really seldom get advice in forums which leads to instant cure smile thumbs up

I eventually will look trough what exact control message besides the note information will trigger the TM3030, but then again maybe this wont happen as I am diving into new adventures smile

And thanks for the 3030 anyway, its just a beautiful PCB and was easy to built didnt have one porblem and now i can play along with different moog ladder capacitors cause everything is so tuneable .

Hi there,

sorry to interrupt, but I got issues again...

I got my setup a bit more complicated, I do split around 10 Midichannels, and the TM3030 is on number one, can this be changes? I slightly remember having read something in the manual.. anyway, when it was solely connected to my rs7000 there was no problem, i could start and stop and start again via midi, not a problem.

Now with more tracks involved I got the slight feeling something is off, after a while the TM3030 again hangs herself and stops reacting, didnt try the modwheel thing, but as I can see notes beeing triggered by the Leds, and no Led is triggered when I send some Midi notes , I assume its dead.

I will try some different things the next weeks, but maybe some of you have meanwhile found something, which could put the 3030 into nirvana simply by midi notes?

thanks in advance.
It might be worth changing your opto isolator IC for a different 6N137. It could be that the device is only just within its operating range. If the opto isolator is skewing data then this could lead to poor midi response with busy midi inputs. Check also that R1 is 220R and that R4 is 1K. You could try lowering R4 to 820R.

The other thing to look at is the crystal that drives the PIC. Check that there is no excess flux or grime on both sides of the circuit board around C1, C2 and X1.

Colin's firmware is pretty robust - the TM3030 and midibass interface code has been around for a long time now and I've not had many reports of misbehaviour. That said, firmware is very rarely perfect and midi outputs don't always follow the proper conventions. I'll give him a nudge and see what he says.

Colin's datasheet for the interface, with midi channel change instructions, can be found here:

mex wrote:
after a while the TM3030 again hangs herself and stops reacting, didnt try the modwheel thing, but as I can see notes beeing triggered by the Leds, and no Led is triggered when I send some Midi notes , I assume its dead.

I've not heard any other reports of that sort of behaviour.
The TM3030 code is a cut-down version of the MIDIBass code, so there is quite a large user base.
If you could narrow down if there's a specific message type that causes it to stop responding, that might help.
If it just randomly stops, that might point to an opto-isolator issue, as Tony suggested.
Have you got the MIDI thru wired up ?
That echoes whatever is received at the MIDI input by the PIC, with an absolute minimum of processing. It would be useful to know what's coming out there when it has stopped responding.
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