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Correct resistor wattage rating for Easel program cards?
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Author Correct resistor wattage rating for Easel program cards?
What is the correct or recommended wattage rating for the resistors used on program cards? I bought all of the appropriate resistors listed in the Meta Programing manual. But the manual (unless I missed it) does not specify the wattage rating of the resistors it lists.

I purchased 1/4 watt resistors. But looking at pictures online I feel like a lot of people use the smaller blue 1/8 watt resistors.

Does it matter what ones you use? Do they have different effects? Does a 120k 1/4 watt act differently than a 120k 1/8 watt when uses on the program card? I feel like I have seen both types being used on various pictures online.

Thanks in advance for any knowledge that you voltage wizards can provide!
The watts are the max power a resistor accepts.
You can use 1/8W, 1/4W and above for program cards but the standard is 1/4W.
It won't affect the sound or behaviour.

Thank you again for your quick responses and vast knowledge. I greatly appreciate the help.

The smallest resistor value you'll ever need (corresponds to a level of 10 on any front panel slider) is 120k. If we do the math we can figure out the minimum required power rating.

Voltage=I (current) * Resistance and W (power =Voltage * I (current), so assuming you're using the 10v offset voltage present on the card, you get I = 10/120,000 = .00008A, or .08mA current flowing through the resistor. .08mA * 10v we see that .0008mW, or 1/2500W of power is being dissipated by each 120kOhm resistor. This wattage goes down as the resistor value increases.

Even if you were to use the 15v rail instead of the offset voltage, you'd still only be dissipating .0012mW, so even using 1/8W (.125W) resistors gives you a large safety margin.
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