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Blue Octagons
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Author Blue Octagons
This was one of my first successes working with a DAW and my first synth only thing is that its from about 1997. I was inspired by bands like "The Orb" back then. All this is, is Cubase, a Korg 707 (Korg's take on the DX-7 basically, however some reviews say no) and a crappy $50 effects processor from the local pawn shop, recorded on tape cassette. I still have the Korg 707 FM synth along with the crappy effects processor. Pretty cool for what little I was working with. Funny back then I hated the 707 and wanted something better... Now I'm glad I still have it! The thing has bell tones that I would not want to part with, and mixes well with analogue.

Nice throwback! My stuff from 20 years ago sound horrid in comparison.

I like the constant development. I can hear the The Orb connection in the beginning but they where always more loop based in their sound. This is more interesting, really. eek!
Very nice track! Sounds really good for a twenty year old cassette. I love how there is a lot of movement in the pads and the sequencer kind of bubbles under it without ever coming up in the mix.

One note about this. It was first recorded onto a cassette tape, but eventually a year later I met someone who let me borrow their mini disk recorder, so fortunately it wasn't on a tape all these years. I saved all my old recordings that seemed worth saving, but the oldest ones had to be transferred from tape.
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