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Reaktor - Help modulating Monark range knob
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Author Reaktor - Help modulating Monark range knob
Not sure whether I need a Reaktor Genius or if I'm just missing something really obvious.

I've made a patch and have found that I get a cool little arpeggio when I manually wiggle the Range knob on the Monark Oscillator.

I would like to modulate this with an LFO or sequencer or whatever I decide sounds nice.

Unfortunately the Range knob is not connected to the modulation buses A/B - and diving into the substructure of Monark I can't locate any obvious place to add a control input.

Just looking for some tips as I feel I'm beating my head against the wall when it seems like there should be an easy solution. very frustrating
You need to use the midi out block and connect that to monark via the connect tab midi in internal and look for the midi out block to connect it to.Then using some cv routed to CV1 in on the midi out can then assign a midi CC number to that cv.Then go to monark and highlight the control you wish to cv control.again in the connect tab for monark you can assign a cc number to that control(remember to switch it on).
In the example i have used an lao to send midi as cc 70 to control the cut off.
It seems a faf but once you've done it once or twice it falls into place.
hope this helps
Since you mention A/B modulation busses, I assume this is about the Monark Osc in Blocks. The range knob sets pitch in intervals of an octave. You can get the exact same result by connecting a sequencer to the Monark Osc's Pitch input and using it to step through a sequence across multiple octaves. You can do this with pretty much any Blocks sequencer, but with its dedicated octave lane, the Kodiak Shift Sequencer seems particularly useful for what you want to do.
we're not worthy

Thanks guys. Two awesome solutions. Knew there would be some Reaktor Geniuses/Genies/Gurus here that would help me make some sense of this.

mpl - awesome, I didn't realise I could use the midi out block for linking things internally within reaktor. Thanks!

listentoaheartbeat - I haven't played with the Kodiak sequencer much yet, but it does seem to do what I want, I think this will be the way I go for this patch.
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