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Cocoquantus 2 first patch... Videos and a bit of lecture :)
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Author Cocoquantus 2 first patch... Videos and a bit of lecture :)
New Coco 2 arrived Guinness ftw!

Like with the PB1, I had my 10 mins with "hey?! why is is not doing this or that, when I do this or that?".
You should have seen me the first 2 mins trying to get the sampler to work haha.
I will post a video for fun if I have some time.
Until the moment I realized that the sample switch simply needed to be lighten off, not on. The contrary of what I was expecting when I started with the unit. Once you know that, then everything makes very much sense. I had the exact same experience as with the PB1. The same feeling about playability and how it works. The first minutes I was like "is this really working?" (I remembered the PB1 experience so I did not worry), but then once you know what is IN and what is OUT and tried all switches, you get the picture pretty well.
What I did not used for now are the Flip/Skip/Loop out, but I'll do that next.
Of course I should always read the manuals before and not after, but it's the way I do since I can remember (if I ever read a manual!). And for the PB1 this lecture helped me afterwards to concretize the picture I made by myself of the functions: here.
For the Coco 2 reading this after was also bringing more light: Peter's hand manual.
Totally practical the way this Cocoquantus is thought. It's a instrument which really invites for improvisation.

Here are the very first minutes with the unit. Be aware that in 30 mins with the instrument it is impossible to get it's full potential, so don't expect to see the Cocoquantus video of the year hihi.
I like to let the camera record these moments, so I can see in a year or two how all "evolved"...
I faded in a video I had done a few days ago with the smartphone, so I can hide what I am doing. Because I'm switching, turning pots, connecting/disconnecting bananas and nothing (or nearly) changes (except pitch of course). Until I realize I need to patch the piezo output to an input of a sampler to hear the audio source I'm sending in d'oh!
I must have disconnect it after checking all main connections randomly just before... I dunno. But I love anyway feedback loops SlayerBadger!


Then I'm slowly taming the beast...


***TBH I had some difficulties with the "stereo" inputs.

Oh! And I even took back my bass guitar I had stored since a decade at least!!! This because of the Cocoquantus 2 w00t
Coming soon... The very first seconds with a Coco 2...
love the exploratory report

the coco is a whimsical piece

for fun sending the same orange tri output to opposing blue verso/inverso for the left and right cocos makes for some easy panning of single sound source like a bass guitar cool

I rarely make use of the green sample on/off inputs

however for live performance and especially when using bass guitar (a personal favorite of mine) if you have two SPDT footswitches they can be super useful

throw some banana jacks on the ends of the wires from the SPDT footswitch and put some kind of voltage into one end and have it normally disconnected then when you press it allows the voltage to go through thus turning on (and off depending on what signal is used) your sample to keep whatever is in the buffer

for bass guitar I love using this cable 8O3D/ref=sr_1_5?s=musical-instruments&ie=UTF8&qid=1508573335&sr=1-5&ke ywords=mono+1%2F4+to+1%2F8+stereo

great sounds love
Thanx wednesdayayay. I'll check that thumbs up

batchas wrote:
Coming soon... The very first seconds with a Coco 2...

Not even scared of looking ridiculous hahaha w00t
Pleasure to share here in this part of the forum.

I said I took the bass guitar back after an eternity, same with a mic.
Now ready for the very first time with a cocoquantus?


Yeah... reading a manual is sometimes more simple. Less fun, but more simple!
Though reading it would actually take quite as much time as finding all by myself.
I can see (and hear) that you are having fun with the CQ2! My first hour with a CQ1 was quite frustrating. But it is a wonderful instrument.

Great videos, thanks a lot for sharing! applause
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