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The Metasonix RK5 Dual Lowpass Gate has arrived
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Author The Metasonix RK5 Dual Lowpass Gate has arrived
Since part of our remit is to explore an electronic-music history that didn’t actually happen, one inevitable product would have been a lowpass gate.

Loving the RK series.

So this is an LPG without a vactrol? Can't wait to work with this.
EPTC wrote:
So this is an LPG without a vactrol?

LPG=vactrols, tubes or not.
SlayerBadger! SlayerBadger! SlayerBadger! The Agonizer!
Good joy here - I was bummed to see Big City sell out so quickly (but happy for Eric) - Analogue Haven just got a batch in, grabbed one immediately.
w00t rk-5 sounds so-ooooooooooo exquisite - possibly my favorite sounding module, metasonix or otherwise, yet! we're not worthy

The Agonizer! here are some of the ways i've been patching mine during the first few days i've had it:

1st patch: trigger output from clock divider into to rk-5 ch-1 cv-input. rk-5 ch-1 output into main mixer.

result: silence.

2nd patch: same as 1st patch, but with rk-5 ch-1 output split via stackcable so that it is also multed into rk-5 ch-1 input.

result: clicky, rubbery 'buchla bongo'-like sound.

3rd patch: same as 1st patch, but with rk-5 ch-1 output multed into a vca with adjustable offset bias, cv attenuation and exp/lin response. AD eg patched to vca cv in. clock divider output pinging rk-5 cv-input is multed to AD eg trigger input. vca output is patched to rk-5 input.

result: similar to 2nd patch, especially at short attack and decay, but louder and with some control over pitch. depending on vca bias, cv atten and response settings, rk-5 ouput can cut off to silence at short eg attack and decay. at higher vca bias setting and linear response, rk-5 starts to self-oscillate (and can get rather loud). with vca response somewhere between exp and linear and bias about halfway up (etc.) i am able to get a very nice snare drum sound with the rk-5 adding just the right amount of crunchy noise on top of the bongo ringing vactrol tone to make it fairly convincing (a bit of spring reverb helps here too).

4th patch: similar to 3rd patch, but with OR-mix output from AD envelope and LFO-mode function patched to vca cv-input.

result: when the LFO function, set to short attack and long decay and mixed at least 40% proportion with the envelope, goes through the 2nd half of its cycle the snare drum sound mutates into space-invader bleeping/blooping for a couple of seconds (LFO is running at approx 0.25 hz here).

5th patch: similar to 4th patch, but with rk-5 ch-1 output multed into an audio submixer and mixed with zig-zag waveform output of a vco. audio submixer output patched into vca input. smooth rapidly fluctuating random voltage generator output patched to scale quantizer input. scale quantizer output patched to vco 1v/oct input.

result: Lotsa Love exactly how i like my instruments to sound! depending on submixer and vca settings i can get such a beautiful - buchla-esque but different - plucked-string melody going on at the same time as rk-5's internally generated snare drum sound. when i increase LFO mix-amount and decay time to the range where bleeps and bloops were occuring in the 4th patch, in this case the rk-5 instead appears to try to follow the vco's pitch after a slight lag and lowered a few steps - like some crazy-ass pll - it actually sounds like i might be hearing some alternation between 4ths and 5ths and occasional 3rds going on (i'll have to slow things down and listen more closely to convince myself i'm not tripping later).



(*other modules used in the above descriptions were: intellijel uscale, uvca-ii, quadra+expander, dubmix, rubicon and springray + makenoise maths and wiard-wogglebug + mutable instruments frames + plan-b heisenberg generator +tsyklon labs chaos divider -- i'm really looking forward to patching rk-5 with other metasonix once i get my yellow-case power issues sorted out)
Love to hear some examples!
Here's some. I got one just this week and can totally agree with numan7, there's thousands of sounds, bongos, bumps, in this thing. Good VCA functions, too.

Really lovely rubber band twang. Can't wait to work with it more.

Just scored this module from Robot Speak. Been looking into another LPG and saw this and ccould not resist the screaming goo yo .
Hooked it up with PEG. Patched channel one out into channel 2 in and am messing with different clock ryhthms. Sounds amazing. Very expressive.
Just snatched one. Looking forward to adding it to my Metasonix rig.

Thanks numan7 for the patch ideas and EPTC for the sounds.

I’ll play with mine and post what I find out here.

If you guys have any other experiences with the RK5 you wanna share, I’d appreciate it.

Hi all,

I recently bought RK5 and have a question for any other owners out there

So i noticed some significant difference between channel 1 & 2, like 6 - 8 dbFS when recorded in my DAW and compared

I contacted schneidersladen and was told as per the manual (which i did read smile ) its most likely the tubes that there is no way to match the channels. I was directed to buy some tubes or send the module back to swapped.

Im in Australia so i bought a bunch of 17JK8 tubes to try rather than send it back. After getting almost identical results with the 3 sets of tubes i tried i feel there maybe something up with the unit. Im in communication with schneidersladen(who are great smile ), but i just wanted to ask anyone else that owns an RK5, is this how your module behaves?

Channel 2 on my RK5 does not fully open feeding it +5v from maths (as compared to channel 1 which fully opens from the same source), and again this behaviour is the same across 3 sets of tubes. The unit isnt power starved as im doing this testing in a case with adequate power and no other modules connected to the board

Below are the results of testing the output of the module

Tube A

RK5 Ch1 = -6.4dB FS

RK5 Ch2 = - 13.2dB FS

Tube B

RK5 Ch1 = -6.4dB FS

RK5 Ch2 = - 14.4dB FS

Tube C

Rk5 Ch1 = -6.5dB FS

Rk5 Ch2 = - 12.5.2dB FS

As a control recorded and measured the volume of the square wave straight into my DAW bypassing the RK5

Control Square wave = -5.1dB FS

If anyone has any thoughts or experiences im interested to know

I really love the RK5, or at least channel 1 smile
This is probably a bad vactrol. PM or email me directly for repair.
Thanks for the response smile
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