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Author Virgin
I just got the Sidrax and love everything about CL.
I'm about to get my next instrument and I'm considering Cocoquantus.
However, I already have the Morphogene from MakeNoise. Does anybody here know this one? Will it be redundant if I get the CQ?

From my understanding the CQ does everything MG do and then some...
I will get it at some point anyway, but maybe its more inspiring to get the Plumbutter or Deerhorn first, if they cover much of the same ground.

Thanks for any insight! I'm hooked!
Hey Hr.Jansen,

Personally, I would go for the Coco next...I bought my Coco and Sidrax at the same time and it still remains my favorite combo of all synths I've ever had...the coco is just magical to me...The Morphogene is cool, though I haven't used it, I have used a Phonogene fairly extensively. The Coco is much less predictable and more lofi, but it spits out some amazing sounds.
Thank you!
Yup, it's really tempting to go for the coco! Guess I find out soon enough if i just as well can sell my other samplers... smile
Where are you located in the country Hr Jansen?
I live in Norway. Far from most of the CL gear in the world, so internet is my friend smile

I'm going to Berlin soon though, and hope to bring something new home
Do they have cl stuff in Berlin?

I am in Bergen and have all the cl toys if you want to check it out.
Patch Point do.

Ah Bergen, cool! Thought i was the only weirdo in the country smile
I'm in Oslo I'm afraid. Let me know if you ever gig or something over here!
Looks like they have a very nice store for banana synths there. love

I never gig anymore. There are several folks with cl gear here but i think they are scattered all over the place.

I dont know what music you make but if you like the sidrax you will love cocoquantus, they are meant to be together.
As info I got my Cocoquantus 2 a few days ago from Patch Point Berlin. All went well.
I'd say Morphogene and CQ are enough different not to be redundant. They are for instance infinite patch possibilities with the CQ. It's standalone. It has LFO/Osc with the Quantussy part etc etc.
Thanks Batchas. So that is why the coco is sold out at the moment... smile
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