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My first steps in modular... Electro/ambient...
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Author My first steps in modular... Electro/ambient...

A couple of weeks ago I got hooked when I bought the Morphagene and clouds. But now I have a little bit more... the addiction kicked in hihi . I have always been interested in those modular ambient soundscapes and wanted to do something for myself. I am still a bit of a rookie in this and I read a lot here on muffs, thanks for all the information! So here is my first thingie, i am a song kind of girl so its Something between song and soundscape... thanks for listening!

Jungle of Wires - Playground
Enjoyed your sound thingie! Liked your illustration and the overall video as well, keep going with this!
Some creepy sounds in this one for sure.
Thanks for listening everybody. I expanded my rack a little this week, so another one is coming...

Ah yeah creepy sounds... maybe I was still in Haloweenmodus zombie
I am waiting on some modules I ordered for my bigger case, in the meanwhile I did some patching and tried out the xaoc kamieniec... so here is another one. Thanks for listening!

Jungle of Wires - Robots
Here is another one... With my bigger case this time... Trying to stay within the 6U... But I can get a bit wider in HP though d'oh! hihi

Jungle of Wires - Twit || Modular Ambient
If anyone is interested. I had a live session last Friday at Paradiso Amsterdam. A night full of modular performances. It was great! Here is mine:

[s] aradiso-amsterdam[/s]

Jungle of Wires @ Paradiso Amsterdam
New patch online, typical 'something into Clouds' patch but I liked the outcome thanks for listening!

Jungle of Wires - Winter || Ambient
Purdy stuff! thumbs up
There's a slight feeling of suspence here that I like. It kept making me wonder if something was just about to happen or not. Nice.
Thank you Tristana and JoaCHIP!
I did a liveset last weekend with only a 120 hp modular case (and a Edirol minimixer)... Complete improvisation from minute one to the last minute. It was loads of fun and almost broke the sub... I think you're a hero when you make it thru the full 45 minutes nanners Thanks! hp-modular

[s] 120hp-modular[/s]
Patching and drawing...
Yloopz wrote:
Patching and drawing...

Nice. Like a less restricted track from the Autechre Amber-album.
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