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Advice on self contained rack
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Author Advice on self contained rack
So, excuse the newbiness, but I have abandoned my euro rack to have a cohesive, self contained instrument. Would love feedback on the below diy rack.

The goal here is to obviously center it around the 208/218. Add in some randomness with the 266. Seems like it would be very beneficial to mix in some of the random, attenuate it and offset it with the 257.

I really want a delay, and I don't really want to go external, so this seems like an obvious choice. And the mixer lets me mix all of the delay outs before sending it back into the 208.

End goal having it all come out of the headphone out on the 208. As I am new to buchla and have tried to read everything possible in the last week, just wanted a last sanity check. And most certainly open to suggestions to get more out of it.

One of the challenges you are going to face is getting the audio out of the 208 to the delay and then back into to 208 to monitor using the headphone out. It can be done, but it's not clean and you'll end up losing one of your vcf/VCA/lpg's for shaping the output of the complex Osc. If you swap out the 206 for a 207e you could use the mixer as your final output and that would give you more flexibility to use the delay and then monitor using the 207e headphone out.
Thanks, jsut the info i was looking for. I keep flip flopping about keeping the easel as a separate entity, looks like i should go that way.
When it's available, get a TSNM by DOBOZ instead of the 218 so you can have space for 3 more noisemakers.

Here is my setup:
You might want to consider going for a 212 + 258 instead of the 208 if you want more flexibility with using the 277 delay. You'd give up the ability to CV the A/S/D on the envelope generator (via program card) and CV the pulser on the 218, but you'd be able to patch in the 277 where ever you wanted (before or after the LPG). With the 208, you are going to have to loop the delay back in via a feedback loop if you want to use the headphone jack. Honestly, I don't think this is going to work all that great.

I love my Easel, but it isn't very expandable due to not having audio outs for the individual oscillators. I do wish the case was 5U wide instead of 4 so I could add a 257 and 258 though.
Yeah, decided to just build the easel as is and go from there. THanks for the insight, needed this help.
Check out Northern Light Modular. Their stuff goes great with easel. They're even making a Ornaments and Crime adaptation that can go in the expander. They also make a Eventide h9 in buchla module format. Also awesome with easel if you ask me!
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