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UniPulse installation in USA? Plus a few questions
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Author UniPulse installation in USA? Plus a few questions
I'm very interested in UniPulse, it is quite brilliant, but I am not even slightly handy with electronics. I wonder if there are Tubbutec approved techs in USA who I might commission to do this. I would also be happy to ship to Tubbutec but my experience shipping musical equipment quite often seems to involve the customs folk making things very difficult.

And to be clear... I have read through the UniPulse page, and it seems almost too good to be true. If I bought myself the TR-66 I just spotted on eBay, I could play it via midi with velocity, OR play it as normal with internal patterns, OR play internal patterns sync'd to midi clock? Can the internal patterns be augmented by incoming midi?
Here is a list of synth techs:

There is an installation manual on our site for a tr-77 but not for a tr-66. We did not have the cube yet to install it in a 66 but they are very similar.

Yes you can trigger the instruments with velocity. If your tech finds a way to sync the tr-66 (usually that is possible) you will be able to switch between the machines internal clock and midi clock. Yes you can play over midi while an internal pattern is running
John Koumoutseas should be removed from this list. He was not able to install the uniPulse in my FR-3 and he says he decided not to do any more mods.
Very sorry to hear this. Removed him from the list - his website is down, too...

Hope you could find someone else?
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