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Buchla In Bed - my baby b diary
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Author Buchla In Bed - my baby b diary

I got into a habit of playing my "baby b" in bed using a Bose soundlink. I'd pull the phone out whenever I saved a few patches just to get a lay of the cable-land. Phone was always running out of space with all the vids so this is my solution: compile them on occasion and then share them with you! thumbs up

This is the first round which covers the honey-moon phase of my system which has been going around six months now. Hope you enjoy! More to come soon... off to bed now zombie
awesome- Proustian buchla!

enjoyed this one
I agree! Really liked this; thank you for sharing! Some interesting Buchlidian sounds in there.
Great...your system grows up ,yeah.
Glad to hear folks are enjoying it! thumbs up screaming goo yo

Yeah it ended up being a nice little chronology of the birth of my baby b. Actually the whole thing started with the 289 ironically (even before the beautiful boops case had arrived!). I spent almost a month with nothing but the 289 before the first of the "e"s showed up. I did a few vids at that point but havent had them handy for throwing into a utube. Hopefully I'll dig them out at some point. Pretty amazing module just on its own! And yeah the 258 didn't take long once the parts were in thumbs up hyper
Excellent! Thanks for the heads up on this!
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